Dyson V10 Vs V8 — Detailed Comparison

In this review, we’ll be comparing the Dyson V10 vs V8. First off, both these vacuum cleaners are top of the line of Dyson’s entire vacuum collection. So, this might be a stiff competition.

Dyson has four sub-series under the Dyson V series of vacuum cleaners. The Dyson V10 is the latest and while the name Dyson V8 might suggest that it is also fairly recent, it is actually the second in the series.

So, Dyson started out with the V6, then pushed out the V8. The V7 was later introduced to form a kinda middle ground, combining a number of features from the V6 and the V8. Last to be introduced was the V10.

Comparison Overview — Dyson V10 Vs V8

Before you go right into the extended review of the Dyson V10 vs V8, here’s a quick overview.

The Dyson V8 and Dyson V10 are good vacuum cleaners in their own rights. In fact, we think you’ll be fine whichever model you decide to choose.

Furthermore, each model comes with a number of different cleaning tools which we’ll be looking into subsequently.

Some of the features are exactly the same with both cleaners, there are others that are different while there is a particular one that is present in one but absent in the other. You’ll get to know as we move along.

Additionally, it is our opinion that both cleaners give great value as they are arguably one of the topnotch cleaners in the market currently.

However, we’ll like to point out that Dyson vacuum cleaners are generally considered high end products, as you probably already know.

However, the V10 does cost more than the V8, what with all the improvements that were made on it.

The final decision is yours, though. So, go through the comparison table below and decide for yourself which cleaner is the right one for you; quality, price and all.

Dyson V10 Vs V8 — Comparison Table


Dyson V8

Dyson V10

Running Time Without Motorized Tool 40 minutes 60 minutes
Running Time With Motorized Tool 30 minutes 40 minutes in suction II and 20 minutes in suction II
Motor Technology V8 digital motor V10 digital motor
Dimensions 5.75 pounds 5.88 pounds
Weight 9.9 by 8.9 by 49 inches 9.8 by 10.1 by 49.2 inches
Charging Time 4 hours 3 hours and 30 minutes
Dustbin Capacity 0.5 liter 0.77 liter
Battery Capacity 2,800 milliamp Hour 2,600 milliamp Hour
Cleaning Tools Direct drive cleaner head, mini motorized brush bar, combination tool, crevice tool, dusting brush tool and soft roller cleaner head Torque drive cleaner head, soft roller cleaner head, mini motorized tool, combination tool, crevice tool, dusting brush tool

A Comparison Video — Dyson V10 Vs V8

Which Is Better Under What Circumstance? — Dyson V10 Vs V8

Dyson V8

Dyson V10

If you are looking for the less expensive option (between the V8 and the V10, that is), then this is it. However, if you have a big lace and really need the extra 20 minutes, this is the cleaner to go for.
Also, if you have a small place and think 40 minutes is enough to get your place clean without a motorized tool, then by all means pick this. Also, this one comes with a larger dustbin. So, you’ll be taking less frequent trips to the trashcan.

Common Features — Dyson V10 Vs V8

1. Structure

As members of the same family, the Dyson V8 and the Dyson V10 have some similar design features.

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First, let’s look at the fact that both these vacuum cleaners can also be used as handheld devices.

The basic reason is that, while they are both stick vacuum cleaners, the stick can easily be detached.

Also, the actual cleaning tools can be attached directly to the head of the cleaner. Thus, transforming the cleaner to a handheld one.

Furthermore, with both vacuum cleaners, there is a power button that has to be held down for the duration that the cleaner will be used.

The basic idea of this is to conserve battery power. So, immediately you let go of the power button, the cleaner goes off and only comes back on if you hold down the power button again.

However, this could pose a bit of challenge for people with fragile hands or even arthritis. Holding down that button for as long as you clean will definitely get tiring.

Additionally, both the Dyson V8 and the Dyson V10 are flexible. That is, they can be made to reach beneath furniture and are also light enough that they can be carried high up to reach walls and ceilings.

However, reaching that high up or that low underneath will only be possible if the vacuum stick is attached.

2. Docking Station

The docking station is a standard feature with every member of the Dyson V family. And the V8 and V10 are not left out of it.

The docking station provides a convenient means of storing your vacuum cleaner.

At 49 inches and 49.2 inches, the Dyson V8 and the Dyson V10 are respectively of significant height. So, one can’t just leave them lying about.

Also, having to disassemble to store and then assemble before every use can be quite stressful. Hence, the need for the docking station.

The docking station will be attached to a wall and the cleaner fixed into it, thereby, freeing up floor space.

Furthermore, the docking station provides a convenient way to charge both the cleaners. Just be sure to position the station close to a charging socket.

However, the docking station cannot carry all the cleaning tools at the same time. It basically only has space for whatever cleaning tool is attached to the vacuum cleaner.

3. Cleaning Tools

Both the Dyson V8 and the Dyson V10 have a lot of the same cleaning tools.

However, before we go on listing and explaining what each of those tools are for, bear in mind that each of these cleaners come in different models.

Thus, while you might get all the following tools with one model, you won’t get it with some other models.

For instance, the V8 Absolute comes with all the cleaning tools we’ll be listing below.

However, the V8 Motorhead doesn’t come with the mini motorized brush bar and the dusting brush.

Now let’s look at all those tools that are common features with the Dyson V8 and The Dyson V8.

Combination Tool

This tool is referred to as a combination tool because it combines the features of two different tools. So, it is a combination of a dusting brush and a suction tool.

Crevice Tool

This one is basically a suction tool. And as the name implies, it is used to reach into crevices and basically tight places.

The tip of this tool is adapted to be able to reach into such places and suck out what needs to come out.

Dusting Brush

Now, this particular one does not come with all the models of the V8.

However, it is used for dusting basically and for dusting what you could call delicate surfaces. We are looking at keyboards, screens and even window blinds. The brush is soft and shouldn’t leave a scratch on any surface.

Soft Roller Cleaner Head

This one is about the same size as the regular motorized brush bar. The basic idea of this tool is actually to take care of larger debris that the regular brush bar cannot handle.

Furthermore, with both the Dyson V8 and the Dyson V10, you can only get this tool with the Absolute model.

Other models in both sub-series do not come with the soft roller cleaner head.

Mini Motorized Brush Bar

This one is primarily for taking care of hair. It basically rotates either way, thereby dislodging hair from crevices inside furniture, car seats and such.

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So, if you have pets and/or you do a lot of stuff with yarn and wool, this tool will definitely come in handy.

There is a slight difference with a number of these features that we’ll quickly point out now.

Dyson V8Dyson V10
Maximum Suction Power115 Airwatts
150 Airwatts. A higher suction power means better reach and more cleaning in one roll.

A Dyson V10 Vs V8 Comparison Video

Unique Features — Dyson V10 Vs V8

1. Structure

Yea, while both the V8 and the V10 have a couple of similar features, there is a basic difference with the design and that is with the head.

With the V8, the handle is attached to the dustbin at the side, leaving the bottom to protrude below.

Then, on the other side of the dustbin is the connection point for the cleaning tools and/or the vacuum stick.

However, with the V10, the head looks like one continuous design. The handle is attached to the top of the dustbin while the connection point for the cleaning tools is on the bottom.

The difference in the way these two cleaners are designed already shows that disposing of the content in the bins will be something different. However, we’ll discuss that subsequently.

2. Dustbin

We’ve already started on this. Furthermore, to dispose of the content in V8’s dustbin, you basically just have to pull the lever on the top of the bin.

This pulls up the cyclone while at the same time opening up the dustbin at the bottom, thereby, causing it to spill its content.

However, with the V10, the lever is not pulled but slid. When that is done, the dustbin opens up, spilling its content.

One thing that is similar with both bins though, is the sanitary way they dispose of their content unlike the V6.

Want to know what similarities and or differences there are between the V6 and the V8? Check it out here.

3. Battery

It is common practice for Dyson to up the battery life of its new vacuum cleaner models.

So, while we are happy with the added 20 minute battery time with the V10, it doesn’t exactly come to us as a surprise.

Compared to V8’s 40 minute battery time without a motorized tool, the V10 offers a whopping 60 minute battery time.

Additionally, if you add a motorized tool, the V8 will last for 30 minutes max. The V10, on the other hand will last for 40 minutes on suction I.

However, before we go any further, bear in mind that the modes that are available with both these vacuum cleaners are slightly different.

The Dyson V8 has 2 modes available to it: the regular mode and max mode. While the V10, on the other hand has 3: regular cleaning, suction I and suction II.

The reason we had to point those out is because the battery running time reduces significantly depending on the mode you’re on.

We’ve already discussed both the normal and suction I modes for the Dyson V10 vs the normal mode for the V8.

Now, if you’re using the max mode on the V8, the battery running time reduces to 8 minutes only.

However, with the suction II mode on the V10, you have 20 minutes of cleaning time.

4. Charging Time

Judging from precedence, one would have expected that the Dyson V10 would take more time to charge than the V8.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Thus, while the V8 requires 4 hours to be fully charged, the V10 requires only 3 hours and 30 minutes.

We can easily conclude that the V10 is more efficient as regards running time and delivery. Because while the V10 affords more cleaning time (20 minutes more) than the V8, it also needs less recovery time.

Let it be known that on both the V8 and the V10, the battery isn’t easy to manipulate.

Hence, when the battery runs out, you’ll have to wait for the vacuum cleaner to be recharged before it can be used. One can’t just easily swap batteries.

5. Cleaning Tools

In looking at the Dyson V10 vs V8 we need to understand that, while they both come with a lot of similar cleaning tools, there are still a few that one comes with which the other doesn’t.

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First off, the large motorized brush bar on the V8 is referred to as the direct drive cleaner head. It can be used on basically any floor, covered or not. And it does well enough with the large debris.

As for the V10, not all its models come with the direct driver cleaner head. In fact, it is only the V10 Motorhead that does.

Next is the Torque drive cleaner head. This one comes with only the V10 (except the V10 Motorhead) and is awesome on carpets and floor coverings generally.

It is designed to dig into these floor coverings and dislodge dirt at the first roll of the cleaner.

Furthermore, according to Dyson, the Torque can get rid of 25% more dirt than the Direct drive. Also, the Torque is sure not bad on hardwood or bare floors.

Unique Pros — Dyson V10 Vs V8

Pros Of The Dyson V8

  • The Dyson V8 is significantly less expensive than the V10 without necessarily scoring way less in performance.
  • Also, the V8 makes slightly less noise than the V10. Maybe not significantly less, but less nonetheless.

Pros Of The Dyson V10

  • First off, the running time on the V10 is greatly improved. 60 minutes without a motorized tool is sure enough time to get your cleaning done. The least amount of running time you can get with the V10 is 20 minutes and that seems fine to us.
  • Furthermore, the Dyson V10 requires less recovery time before it can be used, vs the V8, . This is more a good thing seeing as there is a probability that you won’t always exhaust the battery.
  • Additionally, the dustbin on the Dyson V10 has a 40% more carrying capacity vs the V8. This allows you to do more cleaning without having to empty the bin very often.

A Dyson V10 Vs V8 Comparison Video

Dyson V10 Vs V8 — Unique Cons

Cons Of The Dyson V8

  • 40 minutes without a motorized tool and 8 minutes on the max mode is probably not enough time to get one’s cleaning done. Especially if one has a large house or a lot of rooms.
  • Furthermore, it requires 30 minutes more recovery time (that is, charging time) than the V10.

Cons Of The Dyson V10

  • One thing that might be considered a downside is the fact that the Dyson V10 costs a bit more vs the V8. However, seeing as the V10 does give us a bit more than the V8 in terms of performance, it’s kinda understandable.

Common Pros — Dyson V10 Vs V8



It is undeniable that the Dyson V8 does a good job of what it is supposed to. Especially if you’re using the right tool and in the right mode.
Same as the V8


The Dyson V8 is easy to manipulate and so can be made to reach underneath floors and high up on walls and ceilings.
Same as the V8


Furthermore, the V8 can be transformed from a regular stick vacuum to a handheld one by just pulling out the vacuum stick. Then you attach the appropriate cleaning head directly to the head of the vacuum.
Same as the V8

Plethora Of Cleaning Tools

The V8 comes with a number of different cleaning tools, allowing for specialized cleaning.

The V10 also does come with a plethora of cleaning tools. However, the Torque drive cleaner head that the Dyson V10 comes with is supposed to be able to remove 25% more dirt vs the V8.

Common Cons — Dyson V10 Vs V8



The fact that the battery isn’t easily removable (it can’t be removed without a screwdriver) and so can’t be easily replaced is quite an issue. Especially seeing as one has to wait 4 hours before the vacuum can be used again after the battery is done.

Same as the V8. However, we appreciate that the battery lasts a long enough time.


To get the cleaner running and keep it so, you’ll have to hold down the power button for as long as you want to use it. Imagine doing this for 1 hour.
Same as the V8

What People Are Saying About The Dyson V10 Vs V8

Dyson V8

Dyson V10

The performance of this vacuum cleaner doesn’t seem to be in the question. It features enough of a variety of cleaning tools that it should take care of different kinds of surfaces and different degrees of dirt.

The V10 is also praised for its performance, if not more than the V8. It offers better suction, more dust collection and more running time. What’s not to like?

However, the issue with the battery and the running time seem to be a recurring issue. One that some people seem to think will be resolved by making the battery easy to switch.

The V10, on the other hand, has trie to resolve this issue with the 60 minute running time. However, a number of people would still love the switchable battery thing.

Our Take — Dyson V10 Vs V8

Dyson V8

Dyson V10

Aside the running and recovery time, of course, we really like the V8. It is an awesome cleaner and features tools for deep cleaning, light brushing and even for clearing up pet hair. Interested in getting the Dyson V8? Click this to get it now.

We also really like the V10. It is definitely an improvement on the V8 and in fact, all the cleaners in the Dyson V family. If you are not on a budget and would need the 20 minute extra running time, we’d recommend this over the V8 and you can get it by clicking this.

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