Dyson V8 Vs Shark IONFlex – Detailed Comparison

The big idea behind this article is to help you decide between the Dyson V8 vs Shark IONFlex. Both these vacuum cleaners are, to a very large extent, representative of the brands which they each represent.

Furthermore, both the Dyson V8 and the Shark IONFlex are series in their own right. Hence, they comprise a number of different vacuum cleaners with basic commonalities and only slight variations.

The variations, more often than not, are as a result of specifications and usually come with price variations too.

The Dyson V8 has just 3 variations: the Motorhead, the Animal and the Absolute.

These 3 are basically the same cleaner. The only difference is with the number of cleaning tools each model comes with.

The Absolute is the most sophisticated and so comes with the most number of tools. This is followed by the Animal and then the Motorhead.

The Shark IONFlex, on the other hand, has about 2 different variations: the IF281 and the IF251.

With these ones, there are even less differences. They both come with the exact same accessories. However, while the IF251 comes with an anti-allergen seal, the IF281 doesn’t.

Comparison Overview — Dyson V8 Vs Shark IONFlex

Overall Rating Of The Dyson V8 Vs Shark IONFlex

Both these cleaners have a good number of similarities. However, these two concepts might not be really visible outright, primarily because some of the features answer different names and their functions are slightly different.

Nonetheless, after doing our research, we were able to see where one cleaner outdoes the other.

On the part of the Dyson V8, we found that it has a larger bin, is significantly smaller, has a few more cleaning tools and HEPA filtration.

On the other hand, the Shark IONFlex offers a longer run time and less charging time.

Price/Value Ratio — Dyson V8 Vs Shark IONFlex

The Dyson V8 costs significantly more than the Shark IONFlex. However, because we do not think that it performs way better than the Shark IONFlex, we consider the Shark better value for money.

Brand Strengths


Dyson is a pretty versatile brand. Now, the versatility we speak of is not necessarily limited to its variety of vacuum cleaners (which is pretty impressive in itself).

By versatile, we actually refer to the fact that Dyson produces more than just vacuum cleaners.

We are talking about general house cleaning equipment and further branching out into air treatment, fans and heaters, hand driers and even hair care electronics.

Whatever the equipment, Dyson has managed to assert itself as a brand to rely on.


The Shark brand, on the other hand, is actually a brand under the Euro-Pro Operating LLC. This brand has been around for a little over a hundred years and is currently based in Newton, Massachusetts.

It currently pushes out different home appliances under different brands include the Shark.

The Shark brand is that one that is responsible for vacuum cleaners. Shark happens to take the responsibility of dishing out innovative products very seriously.

Now, we can get right into the heat of things. Ready? Let’s do this!

Comparison Table — Dyson V8 Vs Shark IONFlex


Dyson V8

Shark IONFlex

Run Time Without Motorized Tool: 40 minutes. With Motorized Tool: 30 minutes Max Mode: 8 minutes 30 minutes with one battery.
Dimensions 9.9 by 8.9 by 49 inches. 13.4 by 10.4 by 45.9 inches
Weight 5.75 pounds. 8.7 pounds
Charging Time 4 hours 3 hours and 30 minutes
Dustbin Capacity 0.5 liter 0.3 liter
Cleaning Tools Direct drive cleaner head, combination tool, crevice tool, mini motorized tool, soft dusting brush, soft roller cleaner head. DuoClean Technology, duster crevice tool, dusting brush, wide upholstery tool, anti-allergen dust brush.

A Comparison Video — Dyson V8 Vs Shark IONFlex

Which Is Better Under What Circumstance? — Dyson V8 Vs Shark IONFlex

Dyson V8

Shark IONFlex

If you think really need all the cleaning tools available then the Dyson V8 is your better option. On the other hand, the shark IONFlex will help you save a few bucks as it costs less than the Dyson V8.
Also, if you don’t want to make frequent trips to the trash can then we suggest you really consider getting the Dyson V8 Furthermore, the Shark IONFlex comes with 2 rechargeable that are replaceable. So, if you can’t wait for your cleaner to get charged we recommend this.
The Dyson V8 is also a better option for you if you are prone to getting allergies. This is as a result of the HEPA filtration feature which we’ll explain soon. If you don’t want to have to drill your wall to hook up a docking station then the Shark IONFlex is your better option. It is designed such that the cleaner can stand on its own and that’s basically how it is stored.

Common Features — Dyson V8 Vs Shark IONFlex

1. Structure

The Dyson V8 and the Shark IONFlex are basically structured the same way.

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Now, this is not saying that they look alike, as you can easily tell by looking that the cleaners are from different manufacturers. However, they have the same basic structure.

There is the head which comprises the handle, the bin and the connection point. Then there is the vacuum stick and, of course, the cleaning tools.

Furthermore, not only do they have these basic things in common, these basic things are also positioned in the exact same place.

So, like the Dyson V8, the Shark IONFlex has the handle and dustbin at the top followed by the cleaning wand and then the cleaning tool(s).

We should also point out that with both the Dyson V8 and the Shark IONFlex, the motor is placed in the head which is at the top.

This then makes both cleaners heavy at the top and might pose a tiny bit of problem if you have to lift either of them to clean ceilings.

2. The 2-In-1 Feature

Both the Dyson V8 and the Shark IONFlex are flexible vacuum cleaners in that they can both be transformed into handheld cleaners.

Furthermore, the transformation isn’t something you need to stress yourself about.

With both cleaners, you basically just have to concern yourself with the cleaner stick if you want to convert them to handheld cleaners.

Their heads have this connection point that is compatible with both the cleaner stick and the cleaning tools.

So, if you want either the Dyson V8 or the Shark IONFlex to serve as a stick vacuum, you’ll need to attach the connection point before attaching the cleaning tool.

If, however, you want a handheld cleaner, you’ll attach the cleaning tool directly to the connection point.

A Dyson V8 Description Video — Dyson V8 Vs Shark IONFlex

3. Cleaning Tools

Floor Cleaning Tools

These are those tools that are designed to take care of dirt and debris on floors and not necessarily any other surface.

They are typically larger than other tools and are designed such that they can reach into and clear dirt from the floor type they are designed for.

Now, both the Dyson V8 and the Shark IONFlex come with something(s) like.

However, with the Dyson V8 you have two tools responsible for these functions vs the Shark IONFlex which comes with just one. We’ll explain.

Now, the Dyson V8 comes with the direct drive cleaner head that is best for hardwood floors and does OK with carpets.

It also comes with the soft roller cleaner head which does a good job on carpets and is basically for taking care of large debris.

However, we must immediately point out that the soft roller cleaner head does not come with all the V8 models. In fact, you’ll only get that tool with the Absolute model.

The Shark IONFlex, on the other hand, comes with only one tool which it calls the DuoClean Technology.

This tool is a combination of two cleaning tools; one for hardwood floors and the other for carpets.

Furthermore, it is an easy switch between tools. This allows for a smooth transition as you move from room to room.

However, as earlier mentioned, all these tools perform the same functions. One other thing that both these cleaners have in common is that they are better on hardwood floors.

Crevice Tool

The Dyson V8 and the Shark IONFlex both have a crevice tool. The function of this tool is pretty clear: reach into and clean up corners, crevices and other hard to reach places.

However, while the crevice tool on the Dyson V8 is a kind of nuzzle, the one on the Shark IONFlex is a brush. They do the same things but in different ways, as you must have already guessed.

Dusting Brush

This is one tool that can be said to be exactly the same with the Dyson V8 and the Shark IONFlex.

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Both dusting brushes have soft bristles that allow you clean your sensitive surfaces without hurting anything or leaving unwanted marks.

Upholstery Cleaning Tool

This tool can basically be used to take care of pet hair, human hair and even yarn from all your knitting. Furthermore, it can be used on stuff like sofas, couches and the likes.

However, there is a bit of a difference. With the Dyson V8, this tool comes in the form of a mini motorized tool that looks like a mini version of the floor cleaning tools. With the Shark IONFlex, you get a wide upholstery brush.

We should point out here that we think the mini motorized tool does a better job, especially seeing as it pivots vs the Shark IONFlex which does not.

Furthermore, the mini motorized tool doesn’t come with the Motorhead model of the V8.

A Shark IONFlex Description Video — Dyson V8 Vs Shark IONFlex

Unique Features — Dyson V8 Vs Shark IONFlex

1. Combination Tool

The combination tool is basically composed of two cleaning tools, kinda like the Shark IONFlex’s DuoClean Technology.

One of the tools is a small cleaning brush while the other is an equally small nuzzle. You basically just have to slide up the tool you want.

Furthermore, you only get this tool with the Dyson V8 and not the Shark IONFlex.

However, unlike the mini motorized tool, the combination tool comes with all the Dyson V8 models.

2. Dustbin

The basic difference between the dustbin on the Dyson V8 and that on the Shark IONFlex is that the former has a 0.5 liter carrying capacity vs the latter which has a 0.3 liter carrying capacity.

This automatically means that you will make frequent trips to the trash can with the Shark IONFlex than with the Dyson V8.

However, the difference does not stop there. Now, while the Dyson V8 has this HEPA filtration technology that allows the cleaner to trap allergens inside the bin, the Shark IONFlex does not.

Making the Dyson V8 a better option if you are prone to getting allergies or have any kind of respiratory tract infection.

3. Cleaner Wand

The wand that comes with the Dyson V8 isn’t much to talk about. It is basically a stick that allows the cleaner function as a stick cleaner.

However, the Shark IONFlex brings something new to the table in the form of the Multiflex technology.

As a result of this technology, the wand can fold in on itself. What does this do for you?

For one, it allows for better reach underneath furniture without having to lift them.

Now, the Dyson V8 is actually good with the maneuverability. However, having a vacuum wand that is foldable just ups the game.

Secondly, having a wand that is foldable allows the Shark IONFlex be able to freestand.

How? You know how both cleaners are top heavy because their motors are in their heads?

Well this makes it impossible for them to stand on their own without leaning on anything.

However, with the foldable wand, you can bend the cleaner in half thereby, transferring the burden from the top to the bottom. This then allows the Shark IONFlex be able to stand on its own.

4. Storage

The Shark IONFlex is designed to be stored as is. You basically just fold it in and put it somewhere safe. The Dyson, on the other hand, comes with a docking station.

The docking station will be fixed to a wall and it should be, preferably, close to an electric socket. This way, you can charge your cleaner while it is in storage.

Furthermore, the docking station has a provision for two other cleaning accessories (aside the one attached to the cleaner). This should give you a bit of floor space.

5. Battery

First off, the Dyson V8 comes with one rechargeable battery that is not removable while the Shark IONFlex comes with 2 rechargeable batteries that are removable.

Furthermore, if properly charged, the Dyson V8 can last for up to 40 minutes (without a motorized tool that is).

Add a motorized tool and you are looking at half an hour. However, using the cleaner on max mode affords you only 8 minutes.

The Shark IONFlex, on the other hand, offers you 30 minutes with one battery. Which means collectively, you are looking at about 1 hour.

What’s more, the Shark IONFlex needs to be charged for about 3 hours and 30 minutes every time the battery is down. However, you can be charging one battery as you use the other.

The Dyson V8, on the other hand, requires an initial charge of about 4 hours. After that, charging it should take less time.

6. Power

Anybody familiar with Dyson will know that it has consistently used a button trigger to power its vacuum cleaners.

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Now, with the Dyson V8, there is a button on the inside of the handle. To power the cleaner, you’ll have to consistently hold down the power button for as long as you use the cleaner.

On the other hand, the Shark IONFlex uses a regular button that you just click and the cleaner stays on. Both methods have an advantage to them.

On the one hand, the power button on the Dyson V8 allows you save power, seeing as it will only stay on if you continue to hold down the button.

And on the other hand, the power button on the Shark IONFlex is less stressful on the fingers.

7. LED Headlights

This is one feature you’ll only find on the Shark IONFlex. The headlights are attached to the DuoClean Technology head and are put there to help with visibility.

So, when you push the cleaner under a piece of furniture, with the LED headlights on, you can see what is going on underneath without having to lift that piece of furniture.

Unique Pros — Dyson V8 Vs Shark IONFlex

Pros Of The Dyson V8

  • The Dyson V8 has a few more tools than the Shark IONFlex.
  • Also, the Dyson V8 has the HEPA Filtration feature that allows the cleaner capture and trap in allergens in the air.
  • Let’s not forget that the dustbin on the Dyson V8 has a larger carrying capacity vs what you have on the Shark IONFlex.
  • We also think the Dyson V8 offers better storage. With the docking station, you can free your floor space. Additionally you can store two other cleaning tools aside the one on the cleaner.

Pros Of The Shark IONFlex

  • First off, the Shark IONFlex is more affordable vs the Dyson V8.
  • Furthermore, we really like the MultiFlex technology that allows the cleaner wand be folded in half. This way, the Shark IONFlex has better reach beneath furniture and is also able to stand on its own.
  • We also like that this cleaner comes with 2 rechargeable batteries that are replaceable. This way, you one battery can be charging while you use the other allowing you always have battery power.
  • We cannot forget the headlights that allow for better visibility.

Unique Cons — Dyson V8 Vs Shark IONFlex

Cons Of The Dyson V8

  • While 40 minutes of run time (and even 30 minutes with a motorized tool) is a good enough time to get your cleaning done, the wait to get the cleaner recharged might be too much for some.
  • Also, the power button which needs to be constantly held down to power the cleaner could be a bit of a challenge. Especially for people with fragile fingers or arthritis.

Cons Of The Shark IONFlex

  • A 0.3 liter carrying capacity for the dustbin is quite small. And will require frequent trips to the trash can.
  • Also, the Shark IONFlex does not come with a storage equipment. However, this is a subjective con as some people might prefer having the cleaner on the floor.

Common Pros — Dyson V8 Vs Shark IONFlex


Dyson V8

Shark IONFlex

Cordless The Dyson V8 is a rechargeable cleaner and so does not need to be plugged to a wall socket when in use. This allows for better reach and portability. Same as the Dyson V8
Plethora Of Cleaning Tools The Dyson V8 comes with a wide variety of cleaning tools for very specific cleaning needs. Same as the Dyson V8. However, the Dyson V8 comes with one more cleaning tool than this one.
Flexible The Dyson is flexible in that, it can be used as either a stick cleaner or a handheld cleaner. Furthermore, this cleaner can be made to conveniently reach beneath furniture and high up on ceilings. Same as the Dyson V8. However, the Shark IONFlex has better reach beneath furniture seeing as the vacuum stick is foldable.

Common Cons — Dyson V8 Vs Shark IONFlex


Dyson V8

Shark IONFlex

 Charging Time The Dyson V8 requires 4 hours of initial charge before it can be used. Granted, that is just initial charge but it is still quite a lot of time The Shark IONFlex, on the other hand, requires about 3 hours and 30 minutes to charge. Now, while this is not as much as 4 hours, it is still a lot of time. To put this in better perspective, you should know that this is consistent charge and not a one off thing.

What People Think About Both — Dyson V8 Vs Shark IONFlex

Dyson V8

Shark IONFlex

A lot of users seem to be quite excited about the Dyson V8. The aspects of this vacuum cleaner that seem to be getting a lot of attention are the weight of the thing (it is pretty lightweight), the ease of emptying the bin and of course the fact that it does a good job. The Shark IONFlex also has quite a number of satisfied users to its name. A lot of people seem to be happy with the fact that it comes with 2 batteries that are rechargeable and replaceable. Of course, the MultiFlex technology also gets people excited. The foldability of the cleaner just means more reach and even convenience.
However, there are aspects that seem to be getting some not so flowery attention. Those are basically the battery life and the power button. However, the carrying capacity of the Shark IONFlex is quite an issue for some people.

Our Opinion — Dyson V8 Vs Shark IONFlex

Dyson V8

Shark IONFlex

We like the Dyson V8 primarily because it does a good job of cleaning up messes. There are different cleaning accessories and so you should be able to find something for whatever cleaning specifics you have. We also do like the Shark IONFlex. Who wouldn’t? It has that flexible cleaner wand that allows for even better reach underneath furniture. And let’s not forget the DuoClean Technology that merges two cleaning tools in one for different kinds of floors.
Now, we aren’t trying to gloss over the downsides to this cleaner. However, we think that they are things that can be worked with. And the upsides actually outweigh the downs. So, interested in getting the Dyson V8, click this now. Now, we know that there are a few not so fine points with this too. But if you think the downsides to this one are more manageable, click this to get it now.

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