How Often To Dry Clean Pants

If you have a pair of pants that are ‘dry clean only’ you might go ahead to conclude that it automatically means you have to dry clean them as often as you wear them. And this is probably why you are trying to find out how often to dry clean pants.

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That said, it might actually interest you to note that dry cleaning your pants (or clothes in general) too frequently could actually damage the fabric. But before we get into all of that….

Dry Cleaning Pants

Pants and bottoms in general are usually made of pretty tough material. And this means they can go a pretty long time without needing a wash.

By a pretty long time, we are looking at between 5 and 7 wears. And if you are talking about woollen pants, you could even go a bit longer. This is because wool doesn’t get stained that easily.

However, while you don’t need to dry clean your pants as often as you wear them, you cannot leave stains on them. So, you either spot clean or hand them over to your dry cleaners’ when they get stained.

Something else you could do to prevent you from having to visit the dry cleaners’ very often is to air out your clothes after you’ve worn them.

This will prevent them from smelling and will help reduce the temptation to have them dry cleaned.

How Often To Dry Clean Pants
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Why You Do Not Want To Dry Clean Often

First off, the cleaning and straightening process that dry cleaned clothes go through is so effective that said clothes can stay fresh and wrinkle-free through a number of wears.

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However, even more importantly is that because said process causes the products to penetrate so intensely into fabrics, having your clothes go through this process every single time you wear them will eventually damage your clothes.

So, every once in about 5 to 7 wears it is.

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