How to Clean A Memory Foam Mattress

How to clean a memory foam mattress is actually pretty easy as you’ll soon get to find out. Memory Foam mattresses are a really popular choice of mattress for the comfort they offer.

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This comfort is due to the fact that the mattress contours to the shape of your body as you lay on it. Making it so that it seems specifically designed for you.

In addition to that, a memory foam mattress provides enough grip that allows you to sleep through the night without tossing and turning. You also get to wake up without pains or deadness in any of your limbs.

Knowing all these interesting things that a memory foam offers, it becomes necessary to know exactly how to clean it in order to further extend its durability.

Vacuum Your Mattress

Yup, it is very important that you vacuum your mattress, at least once a week. First off, just laying on your bed is enough for your bed to collect dust which is basically dead skin from your body.

In addition to that, there is dust everywhere. So yes, your bed must have collected its own share.

So, as often as you take out your bed covers to wash, take a vacuum cleaner to your memory foam mattress.

Pay attention to the crevices and corners as those places can collect a lot of rubbish.

You might just suddenly find some cheetos that you ‘lost’ right there in the corner of your mattress.

Now, some vacuum cleaners have a special cleaning accessory specifically for mattresses.

However, if you do not have that, you could either use a crevice tool or a brush tool.

Spot Clean

If you have a habit of eating in bed or you have a toddler (or pet) that isn’t potty trained yet, you’ll be faced with the challenge of cleaning up spills really frequently.

First off, we’ll say that it is actually important that you try to make those spills happen as seldom as possible because there is only so much a mattress can take.

That said, the key to getting stains out of anything is to get at it fast. And with a memory foam mattress that is really absorbent, it is doubly important.

If you leave the spill too long, it will get too deep into the mattress, become very difficult to remove and then stink up the whole mattress.

So if what was spilled is entirely liquid, quickly get a clean damp rag (something absorbent) and dab at the spot. 

The idea is to get as much of the stuff out as quickly as possible. Be careful not to press into the carpet in order not to push in the stain even further.

Next is to try to wash it. Check the manufacturer’s recommendation for what product can be used but laundry soap and a clean cloth should be enough to do the trick.

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Consider doing your cleaning from the outside in so as not to spread the stain further than the spot it already occupies.

You could add a bit of vinegar to the laundry soap before you wash. The vinegar should take care of any bacteria.

Now, if there is any unwanted smell, spread some baking soda on the spot you just cleaned and leave on for about 15 minutes.

This will both speed up the drying process and also take care of the smell. After about 15 minutes, vacuum up the spot.

If, on the other hand, what was spilled is solid, handpick the solid stuff. And you can just skip ahead to washing immediately.

Dry Your Mattress

You want your mattress to dry out as quickly as possible. So if you can manage it, carry the mattress outside to where it can get some sun.

Not only will contact with sunlight dry the spot faster, it could also take care of the smell completely.

If, however, you cannot manage that, you could try to reposition your mattress to a window or something. Another option is to strategically position a fan so that it can blow on the mattress.

The idea is to get the mattress dry sometime that day. And this is because if your mattress is wet for too long, it could start to breed mold.

Finally, preventing stains in the first place is the best way to keep your mattress around for longer.

So, as much as you can, avoid activities that will cause a spillage on your bed, or at least do it less frequently.

And if you have a child or pet who wets the bed, consider getting a mattress protector.

This is usually waterproof and will prevent the pee from sinking into the mattress.

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