How To Clean Gutters On A Two-Storey House

Cleaning gutters is a bit of work; cleaning gutters on a two-storey house could actually be a pain. Why? In addition to trying to get your gutter clean, there is the problem of trying to reach in the first place.

So, in trying to clean gutters on a two-storey house, one important tool is (probably) surprisingly a ladder. Now, let’s talk about ladder etiquette real quick.

Clean Gutters

First off, do not even consider using a bad ladder; you are going a couple of feet high and cannot manage any bad ladder condition.

Furthermore, you want to place your ladder against the wall instead of the gutter itself.  Because while gutters are designed to hold a bit of debris and allow for the free flow of waste water, it isn’t designed to hold human weight.

In addition to all of that, you want to ensure that the ladder has a good foothold on the ground. Try not to place the ladder on uneven ground; that is, both legs of the ladder should be on the same ground level.

If you can’t help the unevenness of the ground, consider placing weight against the legs of the ladder. And be sure that you are placing things that roughly weigh the same against both legs.

However, one sure way of ensuring that the ladder remains grounded is enlisting the help of someone that loves you (emphasis on the someone that loves you) to hold down the ladder. That person should, of course, be relatively strong.

That said, let’s get into actually cleaning the gutters on your two-storey house. There are broadly two methods to this: the manual method and the machine-assisted method(s).

The Manual Method of Cleaning Gutters On A Two-Storey House

This is basically what it looks like; you’ll be using a lot of your hands and some somewhat crude instruments including a bucket and a hose.

Before you start anything at all, it is important that you wear protective garb; gloves, an apron and even a face mask if it is too windy. You’re dealing with pretty sensitive stuff (waste is pretty sensitive), so you want to be careful.

That said, because you want to keep the debris as far away from the downpipes as possible (seeing as debris will block the pipes), it is advisable to start at the middle. This way, you can work your way to either end of the gutter without pushing anything down the drain.

Clean Gutters

Now, because you’re a couple of feet high up, you want your hands to be as free as possible for the job at hand and to use in supporting yourself if an occasion calls for it.

So, tie the bucket to the ladder in such a way that it doesn’t obstruct your movement. And be sure to empty the bucket frequently instead of leaving it to get heavy with debris.

You might need to use a shovel or small spade if some debris is stuck to the gutters. Put this small instrument in the bucket so that it’ll be easily reachable for when you need it.

It is important that you try not to reach too far. If you have to stretch to reach anything, don’t. You might think you’re saving yourself some time and stress by reaching as far as you can (and some) from one position but you are actually putting yourself at a huge risk.

Once, you can no longer conveniently get debris out, come down and reposition the ladder. It is better safe than sorry.

Hosing Down

When you’re sure you’ve got all the debris out, you can decide that you’re done or go ahead and wash the gutters out.

If you’re going to wash the gutters out, a hose is the logical idea. And of course, it will have to be long enough to reach that high; you could add on extension hoses if your hose isn’t long enough.

Now, when you’re hosing down your gutters, the water should run along smoothly. If it isn’t, that could be an indication that your downpipes are already blocked.

The downpipes are detachable and so you can remove them, clear out the debris and fix them back. Once, that’s done, the water should flow smoothly through and down, leaving you with clean gutters.

We must say, though, that this is really thorough work and it takes a lot of time. However, if you take the time and try not to cut corners, you’ll find that you can get by with doing this just once a year, or twice if there are a lot of trees in your yard.

The Machine-Assisted Method(s) Of Cleaning Gutters On A Two-Storey House

There are basically two ‘machines’ you could use in clearing your gutters. One is a leaf blower while the other is a vacuum cleaner.

Before we go into discussing these tools, it is important that we mention that one need not use a ladder when using either of these tools. If you decide to do without a ladder, you’ll have to find a way to see what’s going on in the gutters using a telescopic pole.

Using A Leaf Blower To Clean Gutters On A Two-Storey House

A leaf blower might not give you the neatest clean seeing as it blows things everywhere. However, considering that most of the stuff in your gutters are probably biodegradable, you could allow them settle on the ground and just blend in with the ecosystem.

However, if you are looking for a neater cleaner, attaching a hose to the mouth of the leaf blower could help to target the air a bit more precisely and even extend the reach.

Nonetheless, using a leaf blower is probably not the best idea because pushing debris off the gutters could force them into downpipes, effectively blocking them.

Here is a quick demonstration on how to use a leaf blower to clean your gutters. In this video, the person doing the cleaning is on the roof which is another way to get your cleaning done.

Using A Vacuum Cleaner To Clean Gutters On A Two-Storey House

If you’ll be using a vacuum cleaner, you’ll want to use the suction tool. This one allows for a neater clean since it will be sucking the debris in.

It will probably be more effective to use a cordless vacuum cleaner. However, if yours has a cord and said cord cannot get as high as you need it to, you’ll need to get you extension cord.

The video below shows how to assemble and use a vacuum cleaner in cleaning gutters right from the ground.

To Use A Ladder Or Not To

While we mentioned at the beginning of this article that a ladder is an important tool for cleaning gutters on a two-storey house, we have also pointed out some methods where using a ladder is optional.

Now, there is the good and bad of using a ladder. For the good, because you are high up there, you can be sure of whether or not you’ve gotten everything out.

On the other hand, standing on a ladder isn’t natural, especially that high up. So, it is probably safer to stay on the ground and do your thing.

We would take climbing the ladder, though, because things aren’t exactly dangerous.

Some Interesting DIY Ideas For Cleaning Gutters On A Two-Storey House

The methods we already mentioned are pretty traditional methods of how to clean gutters on a two-storey house. However, some people have come with some interesting tool ideas and we’ll quickly share a few.

The video below shows how to build a crude but intelligent cleaning equipment. The tools involved include smartphones, a GoPro, a pole and a brush roll. Check it out.

Here is another one. In this one, you’ll need to set a camera on a pole to get the ‘lay of the land’ before doing the actual cleaning. You know what? Just watch the video.


If you are familiar with this site, you would have found out that we are big on seeking professional help.

So, if you have gone through the options available to you and aren’t particularly excited about any, there are people who make it their business to clean your gutters; you could call them.

They could also help you install a gutter guard. The gutter guard is some sort of protection that you place inside the gutter.

It stops your gutter from getting messy by collecting all the debris. This saves you the time and stress of cleaning your gutter because all you’ll need to do is pull out the guard and dispose off its content.

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