How To Clean The Speaker On An iPhone

While it might seem like it would be difficult, how to clean the speaker on an iPhone is pretty easy and can be done using tools that are readily available to you.

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A lot of different things could get stuck in your speaker port. And we are looking at anything from lint to dead skin cells and even food particles.

Two of the most common tools for cleaning out phone speakers are a brush and masking tape.

Using A Brush

You could use basically any kind of brush with soft bristles. However, because of how small the iPhone speaker is, a toothbrush is usually your best bet.

Gently brush across the speaker ports to dislodge the dirt and dust. Be careful not to scrub too intensely in order not to bother the mechanics of the speaker.

Some people suggest that you dip a part of the brush in scrubbing alcohol for the added effect. However, whether or not you decide to do that is entirely up to you.

Using Masking Tape

It is probably really obvious the way that masking tape works. So, the basic idea is for you to paste it over the dust and grime you are trying to get off.

When you pull it off, some of the dust and grime should be stuck on the tape, effectively clearing up the airway.

However, because of how narrow an iPhone speaker is, you’ll have to roll up the masking tape, making sure that it is sticky side out. You’ll then place this on your speaker and you know the rest.

Using A Toothpick

If you’ve got something lodged in the corner of your speaker, you could get it out using the tip of a toothpick or any other equally narrow strip of wood. Just remember that the idea is not to use this in cleaning.

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Finally, while a dirty speaker might reduce the audio quality of your iPhone, be careful to note that it is usually not the major cause of bad audio quality. In most cases, the problem is with the software.

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