How To Use A Bosch Vacuum [Quick Guide]

When you get a Bosch vacuum cleaner, you will need to learn how to use it properly. Here’s a quick guide on how to use a Bosch vacuum cleaner . . .

How To Charge Bosch Vacuum Cleaner

Follow the steps below to charge a Bosch vacuum cleaner . . .

Step 1. Turn your vacuum cleaner off.

Step 2. Plug your vacuum charger into your power outlet.

Step 3. Connect the charger to the vacuum cleaner.

Step 4. Leave the vacuum cleaner to charge until it is full.

how to use a bosch vacuum

How To Use a Bosch Vacuum Cleaner

Follow the steps below to quick start a Bosch vacuum cleaner . . .

Step 1. Fully extend the power cord before inserting into your power outlet. The power cord can be about fifteen meters long.

Step 2. Choose the right head attachment for the surface that you want to clean. The crevice tool is for cleaning ceilings and corners that are hard to reach, the floor nozzle is for cleaning hard floors, and the upholstery tool is designed to clean dust from things like fabrics.

Step 3. Push the hose and tube together until you hear it lock with a click in order to prevent dislocation and air leakage.

Step 4. Extend the vacuum tube to your desired height.

Step 5. Turn the knob at the back of the vacuum cleaner to select your desired power setting.

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