How To Use A Samsung Vacuum [Quick Guide]

When you buy a Samsung vacuum cleaner, you will need to learn how to use it. Here’s a quick guide on how to use a Samsung vacuum cleaner properly. . .

How To Use A Samsung Vacuum Cleaner

Here’s how to use a Samsung vacuum cleaner . . .

Step 1. Connect your Samsung vacuum cleaner to your charging station then plug it into your power outlet. Leave the vacuum charge for about six hours until the light on it goes dim.

Step 2. After each use, always make sure you empty the vacuum bin.

Step 3. The vacuum uses a HEPA filter. You will need to wash the filter once every month and you will also need to replace it once every six months.

Step 4. Always clean the vacuum bin and grille once every month with water then leave it to dry.

Step 5. Charge the vacuum cleaner after each use. You can start using your Samsung vacuum cleaner now.

How To Use Samsung Robot Vacuum

Here’s how to use a Samsung robot vacuum cleaner . . .

Step 1. Charge your Samsung robot vacuum for about two hours until it is full.

Step 2. Make sure the vacuum is connected to your phone.

Step 3. Open the Samsung home app.

Step 4. Click on the robot vacuum and then press play to start the cleaning process.

Step 5. You can guide the Powerbot with the arrows beside the play button.

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Step 6. Once the cleaning cycle is complete, the vacuum will go back to the home base to recharge.

Step 7. To use the schedule mode, open the Samsung home app then go back to Robot vacuum. While you’re there, click on the schedule mode then use the arrows to move the numbers to set your desired time.

Step 8. Click save when you’re done setting the time. At the set time, the Powerbot will come on and start cleaning.

Step 9. You can control the places the Powerbot goes to with point cleaning. Just use the red laser on the remote and the vacuum will automatically move to the place with the red light.

Step 10. Wash the vacuum filter once every month and replace it once every six months.

Step 11. Empty the vacuum tray after each use.

Step 12. You can start using your Samsung Powerbot vacuum cleaner now.

how to use a samsung vacuum

How To Reset A Samsung Vacuum Cleaner

Here’s how to reset a Samsung robot vacuum cleaner . . .

Step 1. Turn your Powerbot off.

Step 2. Flip the vacuum upside down.

Step 3. Press the reset button at the bottom of the vacuum for about ten seconds.

Step 4. Release the reset button when the light on the vacuum goes dark.

Step 5. When you see a red and green flashing light, this means that the vacuum is ready to be connected again.

Step 6. Turn your vacuum back on and check if it works properly.

How To Charge A Samsung Vacuum Cleaner

Follow the quick steps below to charge a Samsung vacuum cleaner . . .

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Step 1. Connect the vacuum to the charging stand.

Step 2. Plug the charging stand to your power outlet.

Step 3. Charge the vacuum cleaner until it is full. You know the vacuum is fully charged when the battery indicator stops blinking and the light goes dim.

Step 4. Unplug the vacuum cleaner once it is fully charged. Always make sure you don’t leave the vacuum plugged in overnight to ensure that the battery doesn’t get weak easily.

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