How To Use Dyson Vacuum [Detailed Guide]

When you buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner, you will need to learn how to use it properly. Here we will show you how to use the different parts of a Dyson vacuum cleaner correctly . . .

How To Use Dyson Vacuum Wand

When you want to pick up very small objects, you can use the vacuum wand to pick it up. You will see a button right over the power button. When you press the button, it activates the vacuum wand making it easy to pick up small objects.

How To Use Dyson Vacuum Attachments

When you want to connect the vacuum attachments to the vacuum, you will have to push the button at the bottom of the handle to disconnect it from the rest of the vacuum and then you can connect any extra attachments that you want to use.

How To Use A Dyson Vacuum

Here’s how to use a new Dyson vacuum cleaner . . .

Step 1. Charge the vacuum for about five hours until it is full. Also make sure that the machine is always on its wall mount while it is charging.

Step 2. Unplug the vacuum cleaner.

Step 3. Attach the vacuum wand to the storage bin then attach the wand to the main cleaning head.

Step 4. If you leave the vacuum in suction mode and you are using the main cleaning attachment, it can last twenty five minutes.

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Step 5. When you want to clean tough and stubborn dirt you can use Max mode. When the vacuum is in Max mode it can only last seven minutes.

Step 6. You can use the brush attachment to clean walls.

Step 7. You can use a mini motorhead to clean places like your sofa. The vacuum will last thirty minutes with the mini motorhead on power suction mode.

Step 8. Once the dirt is at the maximum point, empty the vacuum bin.

Step 9. You will see a red lever on the cyclone head. Pull it to empty the bin.

Step 10. Put the vacuum back on the wall mount and leave it to cool down.

How To Use A Dyson Vacuum To Clean Hardwood Floors

When you want to clean hardwood floors, follow the normal process that you will use while cleaning any other place. Instead of using the main vacuum head to clean the floor, you should use the soft brush head which is specially made for hardwood floors.

Dyson Vacuum – When To Use Brush

You can use a Dyson vacuum brush roller when you want to clean places that have a large amount of dirt or when you are cleaning a place that has a hardwood floor.

Can You Use A Dyson Stick Vacuum On A Carpet?

The answer to this question is yes; it is okay to use a Dyson vacuum on surfaces like a rug or a carpet.

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