Samsung Vacuum Battery [Problems & Solutions]

If your Samsung vacuum has battery problems, you’ve come to the right place. Here we will help you identify the problem your Samsung vacuum might have . . .

How Long Does A Samsung Battery Last?

A Samsung vacuum cleaner can last for about sixty minutes when on the LOW power mode.

Samsung Robot Vacuum Battery Life

A Samsung robot vacuum can last for about 100 minutes on the normal mode and when it is on the MAX suction mode, it will last for about sixty minutes.

samsung vacuum battery

Samsung Vacuum Battery Not Charging — Why and How To Fix

If your Samsung vacuum battery isn’t charging, the problem could be that the power cord isn’t properly connected to the power outlet. To solve the problem, push the charger into the power outlet properly and your vacuum cleaner will start charging again.

How To Charge A Samsung Vacuum Battery

Follow the quick and easy steps below to charge a Samsung vacuum battery . . .

Step 1. Turn the vacuum cleaner off.

Step 2. Place your vacuum cleaner on the docking station.

Step 3. Plug the charger of the docking station into a power outlet.

Step 4. The battery level indicator will blink when the vacuum is charging. Leave the vacuum to charge until the battery indicator light goes dim and stops blinking.

Step 5. Once the vacuum is fully charged, turn the power outlet off, unplug the vacuum from the wall and make sure you never leave it charging overnight.

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