How To Clean A Shark Vacuum

While how to clean a shark vacuum is in aspects, it is pretty easy to do. When you go through the segments and steps in this article, you’ll realize that you need no professional assistance to get things done. However, before we get into that….

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When Should I Clean My Shark Vacuum?

Generally, when your shark vacuum cleaner has gotten to the limit of its dirt containment, you’ll start to notice signs such as lower suction, bad odor, the inability of the cleaner to clean up as much and probably some weird noises.

However, consider having a schedule for cleaning up your vacuum cleaner even before you begin to notice the signs. Cleaning the component parts on a regular basis could actually make things easier for you. That said….

Cleaning A Shark Vacuum

The Dirt Cup

Dirt cup, dirt canister or dirt container; call it whatever you want but we refer to that container that collects the dirt as you vacuum.

You ought to be grateful that Shark Vacuum cleaners are bagless because those canisters are way easier to clean than the bags.

So, with regular cleaning, all you do is empty the canister. However, with the periodic cleaning, you’ll need to wash the container.

You could do that in your kitchen sink or in a bowl of warm water. A bottle cleaning brush will also come in handy for getting into and cleaning those crevices.

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When you’re done washing the container (and rinsing it out of course), leave it out to dry. This is very important because a damp container could be a breeding ground for mold.

The Filters

First off, if your filters are made of felt (some Shark Vacuum filters are), you might not want to wash them at all. Shark does not recommend a washing for the felt filters. So, you could consider just brushing them out.

Otherwise, the rubber filters are perfect to be washed. So, take them out (whatever the kind of filters) and make sure to remember what order they are because you’ll have to put them back in the exact same order.

Once you have the rubber filters out, wash them in your kitchen sink or a bowl and be sure to dry them out.

Filters take longer to dry than the dirt canisters so, you might consider using an extra set of filters till these ones are dry (if you have the extras, that is).

Do bear in mind that the filters might never go back to their original white color. However, that they are clean is all that is necessary, really.

The Brush Rolls

With these ones, you do not need to dismantle or remove anything. You’ll just need to place the cleaner flat on the floor with a piece of cloth beneath it.

There will be a lot of debris and hairs stuck to the brush, especially if you’ve not cleaned out the cleaner in a while.

So, all you’ll need to do is pull out those rubbish from the brush, which is why you have placed the piece of cloth beneath the cleaner.

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When all that is done, your shark vacuum cleaner should be back to full functioning. That said, watch this person do what we just explained.

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