How To Clean A Vacuum Hose

If your vacuum cleaner is not functioning optimally, trying to find out how to clean a vacuum hose is actually a step in the right direction.

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The thing is, if your vacuum cleaner hose is clogged, the vacuum cleaner will certainly struggle to suck in whatever it needs to.

However, you can rest assured that cleaning a vacuum cleaner hose is not an issue at all. Let’s get right to it.

Clear Out The Clogs

The first thing you want to do is to check for clogs. If the hose is clogged, you’ll need to clear the airways before doing any actual cleaning.

So, detach the hose from the cleaner and lay it on a flat surface. Then you can take a piece of wire and slightly bend it at the end. Push this wire into the hose and drag out the debris or whatever is stuck inside.

Alternatively, you could take a slim stick and push it into the hose. That is, you can pull out the debris with the wire or push them out with a slim stick.

Whichever way, be careful not to puncture the hose seeing as the material is really flexible.

When you are done pulling or pushing out the debris, you could use a bottle cleaner to dust out the inside of the hose.

Now, this isn’t exactly about the hose itself but if the hose is clogged, there is a significant possibility that the connection point between the hose and the cleaner is also clogged.

So, check to make sure that it isn’t and if it is, take care of it.

Wash The Hose

After all the debris removal and dusting, it is time to wash the hose. You can do this in your kitchen sink and all you need is clean water, some dishwashing soap and your bottle cleaner brush.

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So, when you get the inside of the hose wet with soapy water, scrub it clean with the bottle cleaner brush.

Now, seeing as you might not be able to reach one end from the other, you might need to work from both ends.

And when you are done scrubbing the hose clean, you’ll need to rinse it out, preferably under running water.

Finally, do think about disinfecting the hose. For this, vinegar would do just fine.

So, you’ll need to prepare a bowl of diluted vinegar and then wrap some paper towels to that bottle cleaner brush (attach said paper towels with tape).

Dip this makeshift dipper in the vinegar and use it to wipe the inside of the hose. This should take care of the bacteria and such that the hose must have collected.

Dry Out The Hose

Finally, it is very important that you dry out the hose before you attach it back to the vacuum cleaner. In fact, make sure that the hose dries out within 48 hours if you do not want to start breeding mold.

Your makeshift dipper (dry this time around) will make the drying process faster if you use it to dry the inside. After that, just dry it out in a place where you are sure it will get dry.

It makes sense to have a routine for cleaning, not just your vacuum cleaner hose but also your entire vacuum cleaner. You do not need to wait till your vacuum cleaner stops working before you clean up the component parts.

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You can get the general idea from watching this video:

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