How To Clean Up Raw Sewage Under The House

We do hope that your finding out how to clean up raw sewage under the house is not in a bid to go about things yourself.

How To Clean Up Raw Sewage Under The House
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See, raw sewage is harmful to the health. And whether or whether not you are squeamish, cleaning up raw sewage under your house is not something you want to attempt yourself. We’ll tell you why.

Why Cleaning Up Raw Sewage Yourself Might Be A Bad Idea

Can we all just acknowledge the fact that raw sewage smells terribly? Anyway, even if you do not mind the smell or have found a way to take care of it, there’s no getting around the fact that raw sewage is toxic.

And let’s face it, you are probably not very well equipped to protect yourself against the onslaught of toxins. So, why bother in the first place?

Anyway, even if you can protect yourself against those toxins, there is a significant possibility that you won’t get to all the sewage.

You probably won’t be able to figure out how much damage has been done, talk more of being able to properly get rid of all the sewage and decontaminate the area.

So, the best advice you can get if you have a raw sewage situation under your house is to call in the professionals.

What Are The Professionals Going To Be Doing?

By professionals here we mean those responsible for water damage. And if you call the right people, we are sure they know what to do. However, it doesn’t hurt to have an idea of what they’re doing, just in case.

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So, the very first thing they will do is to contain the area; make sure that no living thing has access to the space (aside those working in there, course).

With that in place, they will go ahead to remove as much solid waste as they can. After that, they’ll try to rescue as much stuff as is salvageable from all that mess.

However, do not get your hopes up. If the raw sewage has been there for some time, chances are there will only be a few things that are salvageable.

And anything that cannot be salvaged will be properly disposed off by the cleaning company.

With that done, they will now go ahead to clear up the mess and, of course, decontaminate the area.

In decontaminating the space, they’ll be checking for and getting rid of mold too. Finally, they could repair any damage that might have occurred as a result of the spillage or in the process of clearing up.

That said, do bear in mind that while the cleaning company will do their part to contain the area, it is your responsibility to ensure that no living being from your home wanders into that area both for their safety and so that the cleaning company’s work is not truncated.

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What Happens If You Leave Raw Sewage To Fester?

Sewage spillage is usually caused either by a blocked sewage pipe or a broken one. So, first off, the blockage or breakage in the pipes could affect your house plumbing.

Furthermore, considering that sewage is toxic, we are looking at an invasion of toxins. Then there is the possibility of breeding mold and all the attendant issues associated with mold.

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When it comes to cleaning up raw sewage, it is important that you treat things with urgency.

However, we do concede that it might take some time for one to find out that a spillage has occurred, especially considering the fact that most people do not do periodic checks of the space below their houses.

Most times, we only get to find out that there is something wrong when our plumbing starts getting wonky. Whatever the situation and whenever you get to find out, though, do not hesitate to call in the professionals.

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