How To Clean Concrete Dust In Your House

If you are trying to find out how to clean concrete dust in your house, it is probably because you’ve been doing some DIY home renovations and such.

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We say DIY because employing professionals sometimes comes with the package which could include cleaning out the mess left behind.

That said, concrete dust takes a bit of doing to get them out of surfaces. And considering the fact that the dust can get anywhere and everywhere, clearing it out can take some time. But it can be done, so let’s find out.


If the concrete dust is indoors, you’ll have to do a lot of dusting. However, just dusting with a rag or duster will not get all the dust out because concrete dust is really fine and really stubborn.

Some people suggest that you use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water to dust while some others suggest that you use a mixture of vinegar and water.

The idea is that this mixture lifts the dust from off the surfaces, allowing the rag to get them off.

If you do decide to go with this, it is important that you understand the cleaning requirements of the surfaces you’ll be cleaning as some surfaces do not take well to chemical mixtures.

Something else you could do is to test out the mixture on a part of whatever surface you want to clean that isn’t visible to the public and see what happens.


When you’re done dusting off the various surfaces, you are now ready to take a vacuum to your floors. Vacuuming before dusting would be counterintuitive because you’ll get more dust on your floors.

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That said, because of all the dust that you’ll be raising, we recommend that you make use of a vacuum cleaner that has HEPA filtration that purifies the air.

Especially consider this if you or anyone in your home has a respirator issue.

After vacuuming, you could mop up your floors with the mixture you used in dusting out the different surfaces, just to be sure you’ve gotten all the concrete dust out.

Precautionary Measures

It is important that as you clean, you wear a face mask to protect your airways against the dust. This is because exposure to concrete dust has been linked to lung damage, even if it has to be really consistent exposure.

That said, using cutting tools that are designed to absorb the dust as you work is something to consider. Now, these tools will not eliminate the concrete dust residue but they will reduce it significantly.

Watch this professional home cleaner demonstrate how to clean with a vacuum cleaner:

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