How To Clean Fingerprints Off Flat Screen TV

Finding out how to clean fingerprints off flat screen TV could be a pretty daunting task, especially with all the so called TV cleaners sold on the market.

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However, you might be surprised to find out that getting those prints off your TV, and cleaning the TV in general, isn’t that big a deal. Let’s get to what you need to do.

Switch Off

Because you’ll be using a bit of liquid to clean your TV, it is very important that it be off when you are doing the cleaning.

In fact, not only should the TV be off but it should also be unplugged from any electrical outlet; you really do not want to take chances.

In addition to that, make sure that any other electronic device connected to the TV is disconnected from the TV. So, you’ll be looking to disconnecting your DVD players, Play Stations and Android Boxes.

Clean Up

One of the most important things you’ll learn about cleaning your TV is never to use any cleaner containing alcohol.

The only alcohol based cleaner that is alright isopropyl. And that is only because it is pretty mild.

You also want to avoid any household cleaning agent or glass cleaner as those are usually really abrasive.

Additionally, you do not want to use just any piece of cloth to wipe down your TV. Anything made of wood including paper, tissue paper and paper towels are not recommended as they could scratch the surface of your TV.

These scratches could lead to dead pixels or an eroding of the anti-glare feature if the TV has such. Whatever the case though, it is bad.

Lastly, do not spray anything directly to the TV as that could be really damaging.

Now, that we’ve pointed out those things that are not recommended, what then are you supposed to do?

Well, first off, get you a microfiber cloth. This is the best option for cleaning a sensitive surface like your TV.

The electronics store close to you should have this. However, if they do not, you could make use of those cloths designed to clean camera or eyewear lenses.

Alternatively, some TVs have been known to be sold with a cloth appropriate for cleaning them.

That said, a microfiber cloth that is damp from only water is a good place to start. Remember, it shouldn’t be dripping wet, just damp. So, make sure to wring out as much water as you can from the cloth after dipping it in water.

If water does not work to get out the prints, however, you can add a little bit of isopropyl to the water and try again.

Do not press down or scrub the screen. Just rub down in the same direction.

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Wipe Down

When you are sure that you’ve gotten all the prints off, take a clean microfiber cloth and wipe down the screen. Be sure that the new cloth isn’t dirty at all because you’ll be creating even more problems.

When that is done, give your TV about one hour to get completely dry before you go ahead to put it back on. Anything earlier and you’re risking damaging your TV.

Watch this person do what we’ve just described:

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