How to Clean Fingerprints Off Flat Screen TV

Knowing how to clean fingerprints off flat screen TV could be such a daunting task especially with all the so-called TV cleaners sold in the market.

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However, you might be surprised to find out that getting fingerprints off your TV and cleaning the TV in general, isn’t that big a deal.

How to Clean Fingerprints Off Flat Screen TV – Cleaning Tips

How do you clean fingerprints off flat screen TV?

To clean fingerprints off flat screen TV, do the following:

1. Switch of the TV.

2. Clean up the TV.

3. Wipe down the TV.

Switch Off The TV

Because you’ll be using a bit of liquid to clean your TV, it is very important that your TV is switched off when you are doing the cleaning.

In fact, not only should the TV be off but it should also be unplugged from any electrical outlet; you really do not want to take chances.

In addition to that, make sure that any other electronic device connected to the TV is disconnected from the TV. So, you’ll disconnect your DVD players, Play Stations, and Android Boxes.

Clean Up The TV

Get a microfiber cloth. This is the best option for cleaning a sensitive surface like your TV.

The electronics store close to you should have this. However, if they do not, you could make use of those cloths designed to clean a camera or eyewear lenses.

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Alternatively, some TVs have been known to be sold with a cloth appropriate for cleaning them.

That said, a microfiber cloth that is damp with water is a good place to start. Remember, it shouldn’t be dripping wet, just damp. So, make sure to wring out as much water as you can from the cloth after dipping it in water.

If water does not get out all the fingerprints, you can add a little quantity of isopropyl to the water and try again.

Do not press down or scrub the screen. Just rub the screen in the same direction.

One of the most important things you should note about cleaning your TV is never to use any cleaner containing alcohol.

The only alcohol-based cleaner that you can use is isopropyl because it is pretty mild.

Also, do not use any household cleaning agent or glass cleaner as they are usually really abrasive.

Additionally, do not use just any piece of cloth to wipe down your TV. Anything made of wood including paper, tissue paper, and paper towels are not recommended as they could scratch the surface of your TV.

These scratches could lead to dead pixels or an eroding of the anti-glare feature if the TV has such. Whatever the case though, it is bad.

Lastly, do not spray anything directly to the TV as that could be really damaging.

Wipe Down The TV

When you are sure that you’ve gotten all the prints off, take a clean microfiber cloth and wipe down the screen.

When that is done, give your TV about one hour to get completely dry before you put it back on. Anything earlier and you will risk damaging your TV.

Video: How to Clean A Flat Screen TV

This video will show you how to clean your flat screen TV.

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Apart from cleaning your flat screen TV, also clean the remote control. The remote control is frequently used. So, it harbors a lot of dirt.

Remove batteries from the remote control. Then, turn it upside down to remove stuck-on debris. Clean the remote control with a damp microfiber cloth sprayed with a mixture of alcohol and water.

Clean in between the remote control buttons with a cotton swab dampened with a mixture of alcohol and water. Lastly, clean the entire remote control with a clean dry cloth.

How to Clean Fingerprints Off Flat Screen TV – Related FAQs

Can You Use Vinegar To Clean A Flat Screen TV?

To clean a flat screen TV with vinegar, do the following:

  1. Switch off the TV set.
  2. Mix equal parts of water and vinegar in a container.
  3. Dab a microfiber cloth or lint-free towel with the vinegar solution.
  4. Wipe the TV screen with microfiber cloth gently.
  5. Apply mild pressure on spots that need additional cleaning and rub in a circular motion.
  6. Use another microfiber cloth to clean the screen.
  7. Clean the plastic frame of your TV set. If necessary, dip a microfiber cloth in the vinegar solution and wipe the frame. 
  8. Use another microfiber cloth to dry the frame.

Do not spray the vinegar solution directly on the TV screen to prevent permanent damage. 

How Do You Remove Scratches From Your Flat Screen TV?

Follow these steps to remove scratches from your flat screen TV:

  1. Get a scratch repair kit. This is the safest and best method of removing scratches from your TV screen. You can find this kit in electronics shops.
  2. Coat a ball of cotton wool with petroleum jelly.
  3. Dab the coated cotton wool over the scratch.
  4. Spray clear lacquer directly over the scratch on the TV.
  5. Leave it to dry for a few minutes.
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Check your product or TV warranty. If your TV is covered by the warranty, go and exchange it for a brand new one. It is important to note here that trying to repair a scratch may cause other damages that are not covered by your TV warranty.

Is It Safe To Use Windex To Clean A Flat Screen TV?

It is not safe to use Windex to clean a flat screen TV. Windex cleaner contains harsh chemicals that can damage LCD panels. Examples of these chemicals are ammonia, lauramine oxide, and alcohol.

Unlike popular beliefs, TV screens are better cleaned with less liquid. For this cleaning, a microfiber cloth with a little amount of water is the best choice of cleaners. With your microfiber cloth, you can wipe off fingerprints and other dirt on your TV screen.

Ensure you clean your TV screen without applying too much force to the TV panel.  

Can You Use A Baby Wipe To Clean A Flat Screen TV?

Do not use a baby wipe to clean a flat screen TV. This is because they leave some residues on your screen. Some TV screens cannot handle wet conditions like baby wipes. 

Flat screen TVs have an anti-glare protective coating that can get damaged during the cleaning process. It is better to keep them dry. 

Baby wipes contain surfactant, perfume, stabilizers, water, preservatives, and humectants. They are usually used by parents to clean sensitive areas of their babies like the buttocks, face, and hands.

As a result, baby wipes are made with some amount of oils, moisturizers, and other ingredients. This helps to protect the baby’s skin. But will do otherwise if used on electronics, TV inclusive.

How Do You Clean A Flat Screen TV Without Streaks?

To clean a flat screen TV without streaks, follow these rules:

  1. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the flat screen in a circular motion.
  2. Do not turn on your TV while cleaning. TV should be off at least 15 minutes before cleaning.
  3. Spray your cleaning solution on the microfiber cloth and not on the flat screen of your TV directly.
  4. Do not use too much quantity of cleaning solution.
  5. Do not over-saturate the microfiber cloth used for the cleaning.
  6. After cleaning, make sure you clean the screen with a dry cloth.

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