LG Vacuum Not Working [Quick Fix]

If your LG vacuum cleaner has stopped working, you’ve come to the right place. Here we will help you identify the problem your LG vacuum cleaner might have . . .

LG Vacuum Not Working – – Why and How To Fix

If your LG vacuum isn’t working properly, it could have one of many problems. Keep on reading to figure out the problem your LG vacuum cleaner might have . . .

The vacuum battery is low

When your LG vacuum cleaner stops working the first thing you should check for is a low battery. If you are sure that the battery is low, to solve the problem, simply charge the vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum filters are dirty

Another thing that can stop your LG vacuum cleaner from charging is dirty filters. To solve the problem you will need to wash the vacuum filters. Follow the steps below to clean an LG vacuum filter . . .

Step. 1 Turn your vacuum cleaner off before you begin the cleaning process.

Step. 2 Remove the fine dust filter to gain access to the pre filter then take the pre filter out.

Step. 3 You will see the metal dust filter in the vacuum canister. Get the crevice tool and insert into the metal dust filter then turn the crevice tool counterclockwise to disconnect the metal dust filter from the vacuum canister.

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Step. 4 Take out the metal dust filter and set it aside.

Step. 5 Wash the metal dust filter and pre filter under running water.

Step. 6 Tap the fine dust filter on the side of a trash can or sink to get rid of loose dirt then wash it with water as well.

Step. 7 Carefully shake the filters to get rid of excess water.

Step. 8 Leave the filters to dry for about twenty four hours until you are sure that it is completely dry.

Step. 9 When all the filters are dry, put them back in their places in the vacuum cleaner. You can start using your vacuum cleaner now.

The wand attachment is clogged

If the wand attachment of your LG vacuum cleaner is clogged, the machine won’t work properly. To solve the problem, simply disconnect the wand from the vacuum cleaner then use a long and thin object to push out whatever may be blocking the vacuum wand.

The floor attachment is clogged

If the floor attachment of your vacuum cleaner is clogged, it won’t be able to function properly. To solve the problem, disconnect the floor attachment from the vacuum cleaner and remove the item blocking it.

lg vacuum not working

The inlet hose is clogged

If you are sure that the wand attachment and the floor attachment aren’t clogged, then the inlet hose might be clogged. Disconnect all the attachments from the inlet hose then check if there is anything blocking it. If you find anything blocking the inlet hose, put your hand inside and take it out.

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The vacuum canister is too full

If you have checked for all these problems and LG vacuum cleaner still isn’t working, then the problem could be that the vacuum canister is too full. To solve the problem, simply empty the canister and the vacuum cleaner should start working again.

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