What Is The Average Cost To Clean A Hoarder House?

As with basically everything that has to do with payment for a service, there is no one answer to the ‘what is the average cost to clean a hoarder house?’ question.

What Is The Average Cost To Clean A Hoarder House
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Typically, hoarder house cleaners or cleaning agencies charge per hour. However, what they charge is dependent on a number of factors.

Some of them are pretty obvious like the size of the house and how cluttered it is.

And some of them not so much like arrangement costs and whether or not said house has some hazardous elements. We’ll only be explaining those ones that aren’t very obvious.

Factors That Could Influence The Cost Of Cleaning A Hoarder House


Hoarder house cleaners or house agencies will usually charge more if the house owners do not give them free reign.

That is, if they have to constantly check with the house owners before they can discard anything, that would slow them down a lot, causing them to charge more.

Now, there is no disputing the fact that compulsive hoarding disorder is a thing and some people will find it difficult to part with their stuff.

That said, seeing a psychologist might be the first step to take before deciding to declutter.


If you’ve managed to collect biohazards into your home, best believe that you will be paying more.

Biohazards are dangerous for everyone involved. As a result, they’ll have to take extra care to protect themselves and even you. So, you can see why this will spike the charges.

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In addition to the actual removal, the cleaning company will also be charging you for disposal, cleaning up the mess that has been left behind and also decontaminating. So, this could really cost something.


Some cleaning companies will add the cost of hauling and disposing off trash to the cost they give you. However, some others will quote you a price based on the amount of trash they have to haul off.

And there are even some cleaning houses that do not offer waste disposal. So, you might need to employ a trash disposal outfit to get rid of all the trash.


While decluttering usually goes hand in hand with organizing, certain cleaning companies will actually charge you differently for organizing.

And this is because having to organize your home for functional use will take a bit of doing.

Now, the cost for organizing will depend on whether what is left of your possessions will be enough to organize the house or whether additional furniture need to be purchased.

So, How Much Exactly Are We looking At?

Well, if you are going to be hiring day cleaners, one person could charge you 10 dollars per hour. However, the problem with this is that they are not licenced and so could run into some troubles.

Plus, if there are hazardous elements in your home, they probably will not be well equipped to take care of it.

For cleaning agencies, they could charge you anything between 30 and 40 dollars per employee for one hour for a simple cleaning. This cost would most likely include cost for taking out trash but maybe not organizing.

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If, however, you are harbouring some biohazards, what you’ll be looking at as the average cost to clean a hoarder house could be anything between 200 and 400 dollars per employee for one hour.

However, considering that clearing out a hoarder home can most likely not be done by the home owner, there isn’t much of a choice, is there?

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