How To Clean A Roomba Vacuum [Detailed Guide]

When you use your Roomba vacuum for a while, you will need to clean it. Here we will show you how to clean a Roomba vacuum . . .

How To Clean A Roomba Vacuum Cleaner

Here’s how to clean different parts of a Roomba vacuum cleaner . . .

1 How to clean the bin and filter

Follow the steps below to clean a Roomba vacuum bin and filter . . .

Step 1. At the back of the vacuum, you will find a tray filled with dust and dirt. Press the button on top of the tray to disconnect it then empty the contents into a trash can.

Step 2. You will find a red semi-circle inside the tray. Slide it out and knock it on the side of a sink or trash can to get rid of any loose dirt.

Step 3. Clean the filter and the tray using a normal vacuum and a crevice tool.

Step 4. Use the brush attachment to continue cleaning the filter and tray. When you are done, snap the filter back into place.

Clean the brush, side sweeper and the rubber roller

Step 1. Turn the vacuum upside down and locate the side sweeper. It is a circular, three-pronged plastic object.

Step 2. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to unscrew the screw in the middle holding the side sweeper in place and take the sweeper out.

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Step 3. Use your hands or the crevice tool to clean any hair that might be on the side sweeper and also in the place that the side sweeper came out from.

Step 4. Remove the front wheel and remove any hair thread that might be on it.

Step 5. Use your vacuum to clean the place where the wheel came out from.

Step 6. Under the vacuum, you will find a rectangular flap. Open it then take the brush out of it.

Step 7. Remove the bearings at the ends of the brush then use the Irobot bristle brush to get rid of hair by sliding it over the brush up to three times.

Step 8. Remove the rubber roller from the brush then use your vacuum to clean the brush.

Clean the underside and the motor

Step 1. Use the normal vacuum to clean the bottom of the Irobot vacuum.

Step 2. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to disconnect the motor from the vacuum.

Step 3. Use a can of compressed air to get rid of dust or dirt that may be in the motor.

Step 4. Reconnect the motor to the vacuum then reassemble the rest of the vacuum cleaner.

Where Is Clean Button On Roomba

You can find the clean button of a Roomba vacuum right on top of it. It is a small white circle that has “ Clean” written on it.

How Often Do You Need To Clean Roomba

You should clean your Roomba vacuum once every six weeks if you plan on cleaning the whole vacuum at once.

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