Dyson V7 Vs V6 — Which Should You Get?

The Dyson V7 vs V6 is the basic idea of this review. However, before we go right down into what we’ll be looking at, here’s a little background info.

Both the Dyson V7 and the Dyson V6 are members of the V series of vacuum cleaners by Dyson. Furthermore, there are 4 cleaners in the series and the other cleaners are the Dyson V8 and the Dyson V10.

Fun fact, the V7 actually comes after the V8 chronologically but before the V8 in sophistication. Another fun fact, you can check out the similarities and differences between the V8 and the V10 here.

Furthermore, each model in the V series is actually a series of its own. Consequently, each mini-series has at least 3 models under it.

The most common models among the series being the Animal, the Motherhead and the Absolute.

However, for the purpose of this comparison review, we’ll be reviewing the entire group and not necessarily the individual models under each series.

Comparison Overview — Dyson V7 Vs V6

Overall Rating Of The Dyson V7 Vs V6

Of all the V mini-series, the V7 and V6 happen to share a lot of similarities. For instance, it is just these two that have two lines of cleaners; one stick line and one handheld line.

Furthermore, they both offer 100 Airwatts in max mode, have the same cleaning tools and both have a model that offers the HEPA filtration.

However, considering that the V7 was created as an improvement on the V6, there are certainly differences.

Most importantly, the V7 uses a V7 digital motor while the V6 uses a V6. And the implication of this is more brushbar power in the same suction mode.

Finally, the V7 sports a slightly larger bin while the V6 offers a few more cleaner models.

Price/Value Ratio — Dyson V7 Vs V6

Both the V7 and the V6 are really high end cleaners. However, considering the fact that the V7 is an improvement on the V6, we consider the former better value for money.

Comparison Table — Dyson V7 Vs V6



ModelsMotorhead, Animal and Absolute.
Handheld: Car+Boat and Trigger
Cord-free, Motorhead, Animal and Absolute.
Handheld: Baby + Child, Car+ Boat, Mattress, Top Dog and Trigger.

Running Time Without Motorized Tool
30 minutes20 minutes

Running Time With Motorized Tool
20 minutes10 minutes

Motor Technology

V7 digital motor

V6 digital motor


8.2 by 9.8 by 49 inches

9.8 by 8.7 by 46.4 inches

5.28 pounds5 pounds

Charging Time
3 hours and 30 minutes3 hours and 30 minutes

Dustbin Capacity

0.5 liter

0.4 liter

HEPA Filtration

Suction In Max Mode
100 Airwatts100 Airwatts
Cleaning Tools
Large and mini motorized brush bar, combination tool, crevice tool, dusting brush tool and roller cleaner

Large and mini motorized brush bar, combination tool, crevice tool, dusting brush tool and roller cleaner

Comparison Video — Dyson V7 Vs V6

Which Is Better Under What Circumstance? — Dyson V7 Vs V6

Dyson V7

Dyson V6

The V7 is the more sanitary option as regards waste disposal. On the other hand, if you need to save some money, then the V6 is what you need. It is actually the least expensive vacuum cleaner in the entire Dyson V series.
Also, if you really need the additional 10 minutes that the V7 affords, then by all means go for this. Also, the V6 is better than the V7 on hardwood floors.

Common Features — Dyson V7 vs V6

1. Structure

There are very few differences between the Dyson V7 and the V6 and the structure is hardly one of them.

If one is not familiar with the color scheme thing that Dyson has going with the different models in the V series, one could easily mistake the V6 for the V7 and vice versa.

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They both have the standard 3 part structure: the head, the vacuum wand and the cleaning tools.

Furthermore, both cleaners have the same structure with the head; there’s the handle, the dustbin that is perpendicular to the entire set up and the connection point.

Additionally, both the V7 and the V6 have a power button inside of the handle.

Now, like every other cleaner in the V series, the power button on both the V7 and the V6 have to be held down to get the cleaners running.

The idea behind this is to conserve battery. If the button is not held down, the cleaner will not run.

Hence, reducing the possibility of leaving the vacuum cleaner on by mistake. Thereby, helping reserve battery for only intentional use.

Furthermore, while the dustbin looks the same with both the V7 and the V6, there are slight differences with this feature that we’ll discuss later.

Moving on, let’s look at the connection point. At the mouth of the head is a protruding tube-like thing.

That tube-like thing is the provision for you to attach your preferred or the appropriate cleaning tool to.

However, while the connection point is basically the same with the two vacuum cleaners, the one on V7 has a button that makes removing any attached tool easier. Now let’s take a look at the cleaning tools.

2. Cleaning Tools

The Dyson V7 and the Dyson V6 come with the exact same kinds and number of cleaning tools.

However, bear in mind that not all the tools that will be listed below come with all the models of each mini-series.

Not to worry though, we’ve got you covered. We’ll indicate which doesn’t come with what so you’ll know exactly what to get.

Motorized Brush Bar

There are two motorized brush bars available with either of the models. The large one is the direct driver cleaner head and is available with all the models of both these mini-series.

The direct driver cleaner head is used on basically any kind of floor.

However, for both the V7 and the V6, the direct driver isn’t fantastic at clearing up messes on the first go.

You’d probably have to go a couple of times to clear up the mess totally.

Furthermore, the direct driver is what you’ll need to clear up large debris because it is not awesome at that.

Thankfully, Dyson came up with a solution in the form of a different cleaning tool which we’ll look at soon.

What’s more, you’ll only get the direct driver cleaner head with the stick vacuum and not the handheld.

The smaller motorized tool, on the other hand, is one tool you will get with both the stick and the handheld versions.

The major reason this tool was added is to take care of hair; pet hair, human hair and even yarn from your knitting.

The small motorized tool actually does its job well on both cleaners. However, this particular tool doesn’t come with the cord free and motorhead models of the V6 and the motorhead of the V7.

Also, the Dyson V7 offers 75% more brush bar power vs the V6. More brush bar power usually means better penetration into carpets to remove dirt which invariably means more dirt removal with the V7.

Combination Tool

This tool is just what the name says it is, a combination of tools, 2 tools to be precise. One of the tools is a kind of suction tool while the other is a brush.

It is pretty easy to switch between tools so that shouldn’t be a problem. Fortunately, the combination tool comes with all the models of both the V7 and the V6 stick mini-series.

However, it does not come with any of the handheld models. The handheld models come with a number of tools that are unique to them. We’ll be discussing them soon.

Crevice Tool

This is another tool that lives up to its name. It has a streamlined mouth that can reach into corners and crevices, sucking out whatever needs to come out.

Furthermore, the crevice tool comes with all the models (stick and handheld versions) of both the V7 and the V6 except the V6 cord-free model.

Dusting Brush

This one is a bigger brush (and softer) than the one on the combination tool. The reason for this brush is to take care of what we could call delicate surfaces like window blinds, keyboards and screens.

The bristles are pretty soft and shouldn’t leave scratches on surfaces as you dust.

However, this tool doesn’t come with the cord-free and motorhead models of the V6 and the motorhead model of the V7.

Also, you won’t be getting this tool with some handheld models of both the V7 and the V6.

In fact with the V6 handheld models, you’ll only get the dusting brush with the Car+Boat and Mattress models. And for the V7 handheld, you’ll only be getting it with the Car+Boat model.

Soft Roller Cleaner Head

Remember when we talked about a solution for the large debris? Here it is. This one basically looks like the large motorized tool we talked about earlier.

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However, it doesn’t come with all the stick models of either the V7 or the V6.

In fact, with the V7, the soft roller cleaner head only comes with the absolute model. The V6, on the other hand, offers this tool with the absolute and the fluffy head.

Furthermore, it doesn’t come with any of the handheld models of either the V7 or the V6.

Another Comparison Video — Dyson V7 Vs V6

3. Docking Station

Whatever version of the V series you’ll be getting will come with a docking station.

What is the docking station for? The primary function is for you to properly store your cleaner without having to disassemble it.

The docking station also provides a convenient means of charging the cleaner.

You’ll have to position the docking station close to an electric socket if you plan to use it for this, though.

Both the V7 and V6 come with a charger each that actually charges the cleaners.

So, you can decide to do without the docking station. That said, the docking station for the V7 and that for the V6 are exactly the same.

4. Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Both the V7 and the V6 have an array of 2-in-1 stick vacuum cleaners that can be converted to handheld cleaners. And it is pretty easy to convert them too.

If you need to reach beneath furniture and stuff or you need to reach high up on walls and ceilings, you’ll need the cleaner to be a stick cleaner.

So, you’ll have to attach the vacuum wand to the connection point first then attach the appropriate cleaning tool to the stick.

If, however, you need the cleaner to be a handheld, you’ll just attach the appropriate cleaner directly to the connection point on the cleaner head.

5. Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Both the V7 and the V6 also have an array of handheld vacuum cleaners that can’t be anything other than handheld devices. They also typically cost less than the stick cleaners.

Furthermore, while the V6 hass a wider range of these handheld devices, it has a couple of models that are similar to what the Dyson V7 offers, hence, our mentioning them here.

To be more specific, the two handheld models that these two cleaners share in common are the Car+Boat model and the Trigger model.

The Car+Boat model is obviously specifically for vehicles. So, in addition to the generic tools, it comes with such special accessories as an extension hose for hard to reach places and a stiff brush for tough stains.

The Trigger model, on the other hand, only comes with the mini motorized brush bar and the crevice tool which we consider to be the generic tools.

Unique Features — Dyson V7 Vs V6

1. Battery

If you know a bit about the Dyson V series, you’ll know that one major difference among the models or mini-series is usually the battery or running time.

The V7 runs for a maximum of 30 minutes without any of the motorized tools. With a motorized tool, the running time is reduced to about 20 minutes.

However, if you’re on the max mode, the V7 will run for a maximum of 6 minutes.

On the other hand, the V6 runs for a maximum of 20 minutes without a motorized tool.

With a motorized tool, you’re looking at about 10 minutes. However, on max mode, it performs for as long as the V7 does; 6 minutes.

Furthermore, both the V7 and the V6 require the same charging time of 3 hours and 30 minutes.

So, if the cleaner runs out of battery, you’ll have to wait the entire 3 hours and 30 minutes to get the maximum running time each cleaner has to offer.

2. Dustbin

First off, both the V7 and the V6 have the dustbin placed in the exact same position.

However, there is one major difference between both bins aside the slight capacity difference.

Now, the V6 has a latch on the inside of the handle. It is actually opposite the power button. The function of that latch is to get the dustbin open.

What you’ll need to do is, slide the latch down and the bin opens at the bottom, spilling its content.

However, some delicate items like fur can get stuck inside the bin making you have to use your fingers to remove them yourself.

Thankfully, Dyson decided to improve things with the V7. Instead of a latch to be slid, there is a lever to be pulled.

So, you pull up the lever and the cyclone comes up at the same time the bin opens below.

This way, the bin is able to let go of all its content without the extra help. This makes for a more sanitary waste disposal than what the V6 offers.

Furthermore, the Animal and Absolute models of both the V7 and the V6 have the HEPA filtration feature.

This allows the cleaner capture allergens in the air, trapping those allergens in the bin with no way of escape.

3. Max Switch

Both the V7 and V6 operate with two modes. There is the regular mode and the max mode. And with both cleaners, max mode offers you 100 Airwatts of suction in 6 minutes tops.

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However, the different thing is with the max switch. The V6 has a button on the back of the head.

Dyson decided to change things up with the V7 because the button could be a bit confusing as some people could forget what mode they are on.

So, the V7 has a latch that you slide in the direction of whatever mode you need. The max mode side is properly tagged so you won’t miss it.

4. Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

We have already mentioned that both the V7 and the V6 come with a series of handheld models. However, while the V7 has 2 handheld models, the V6 has about 5 of them.

The handheld models unique to the V6 include the Baby+Child, Top Dog and Mattress. And they each have features that help them do their specific jobs.

For instance, the V6 mattress is the only handheld model that comes with the HEPA filtration feature.

While the wide nozzle only comes with the Baby+Child and the Mattress models and is used for taking care of large debris.

Unique Pros — Dyson V7 Vs V6

Pros Of The Dyson V7

  • The Dyson V7 offers 75% more brush bar power vs the V6. And this spells better penetration of the cleaning tools into carpets and more dirt removal.
  • Also, disposal of trash in the dustbin is more sanitary than with the V6.
  • We also like that the max switch is more user friendly.

Pros Of The Dyson V6

  • The Dyson V6 is the least expensive vacuum cleaner in the entire line of Dyson V cleaners.
  • Also, the Dyson V6 weighs a bit less than the V7.

Unique Cons — Dyson V7 Vs V6

Cons Of The Dyson V7

  • The Dyson V7 is pricier than the V6. However, with the slight improvements here and there, we can see why.

Cons Of The Dyson V6

  • Emptying the dustbin could be a bit messy seeing as you might have to use your fingers to pull out some things that get stuck.

Another Comparison Video — Dyson V7 Vs V6

Common Pros — Dyson V7 Vs V6



Docking StationThe Dyson V7 comes with a docking station for convenient storage and charging. Same as the V7

The Dyson V7 is flexible in that it can be used as a regular stick vacuum or as a handheld device. Also, the cleaner can reach really low and even under furniture and can also reach high up on walls and ceilings. Same as the V7
Plethora Of Cleaning ToolsThe Dyson V7 comes with a number of different tools with different models. There are specific tools for cleaning floors, taking care of large debris and even cleaning up pet hair. Same as the V7. However, you should know that the Dyson V7 has 150% more brush bar power vs the V6.
CordlessThe Dyson V7 doesn’t have to be attached to a socket when in use. You basically just have to hold down the power button. This allows for a wider reach as you clean. Same as the V7

Common Cons — Dyson V7 Vs V6



BatteryThe V7 offers a maximum of 30 minutes without a motorized tool and 20 minutes with one. Now, while this might be sufficient for a small house or an office, houses with a lot of rooms will not benefit from this. The V6 offers even less time with 20 minutes without a motorized tool and 10 minutes with one.

Charging Time
3 hours and 30 minutes of recharging time could be a lot of time. Especially if you run out of run time and need to use the cleaner immediately. Same as the V7.

The Direct Driver Cleaner Head

This cleaner head is not good at cleaning up stuff at the first go. And as for large debris, this one will give you issues. However, we’ll concede that Dyson probably thought about this, hence the soft roller head. It doesn’t come with all the models, though.

Same as the V7.


To use the V7, you’ll have to continuously hold down the power button. While this is a good battery saving idea, it could be an issue for people who have delicate fingers or arthritis. Just bear in mind that if you’ll be using the cleaner for 20 minutes, you’ll have to press down the button for that long. You could take breaks, though.

Same as the V7.

What People Are Saying — Dyson V7 Vs V6



Everybody seems to be in agreement with the fact that the Dyson V7 works well enough. Same goes for the V6. It does the job it is meant to do to a decent extent.
The V7 Absolute looks to be the favorite of all the V7 models, though. And this is probably because it comes with all the tools possible including the soft roller head that is supposed to take care of debris. For the V6, the absolute also seems to be taking the cake. Although, the fluffy head is also putting up quite a fight for the top attention spot.
However, the battery looks to be an issue for a lot of people. The running time seems to be insufficient while the recovery (recharging) time is quite long. Some even suggest that making the battery easy to be swapped would take care of things The battery is even more of an issue with the V6. Especially seeing as it offers a maximum of 20 minutes running time without a motorized tool and still requires a 3 hour so minute recharge time.

Our Take — Dyson V7 Vs V6



First off, we agree with the general consensus that the running time is quite small especially when compared to the charging time. However, we do like the Dyson V7 and if you think you can work around the time limit then go for it.

As for the V6, 20 minutes of run time without a motorized tool could be a trying thing for anybody. However, if you really want something from the Dyson V series and are pressed for cash, the Dyson V6 is the cleaner for you.

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