Dyson V6 Vs DC35 – Which Is The Better Option?

In this article, we are going to be doing an in-depth Dyson V6 vs DC35 comparison. However, before we do that, let’s do a quick background check on each cleaner.

First off, it is pretty obvious that both the subject in our comparison review are vacuum cleaner. It is probably also obvious that they are both products of the Dyson brand. So you ask, what’s new?

Let’s start with the Dyson V6. The Dyson V6 is one cleaner in a line of 4 cleaners (as at the time of writing this article.

The other cleaners in this line include the V7, the V8 and the V10. By the way, we’ve done a couple of comparison articles between a number of these cleaners that you can check out here, here and here.

Now, the cleaners mentioned are actually mini-series in their own right, including the V6.

That is, they come in a number of different models with some of them including both stick and handheld cleaners.

The Dyson V6 happens to be the most versatile of all the mini-series. This is because not only does it come in handheld and stick models (which the V7 also does), its models are way more than what any other mini-series can boast of.

On the other hand, the Dyson DC35 is an individual vacuum cleaner that comes in only 1 model.

Now as a result, we will be pitting the DC35 against the V6’s most sophisticated model. However, we will point out to you what feature does or does not come with the V6’s other models.

If we have a deal, check out the comparison overview below.

Comparison Overview — Dyson V6 Vs DC35

Overall Review Of The Dyson V6 Vs DC35

Because the V6 is a newer model than the DC35, it just follows that it will generaly outperform the DC35.

However, to be more specific, the V6 has a more advanced digital motor which is the V6 motor as against the DC35’s V2.

As a result, the V6 has a stronger brush power and should take less time to clean up the same mess than the DC35.

Other areas where the V6 has the DC35 beat include the versatility of cleaning tools (in addition to the tools it shares with the DC35, it has a soft brush tool and a dusting brush) and the presence of HEPA filtration.

Price/Value Ratio — Dyson V6 Vs DC35

Probably the only place where the DC35 is slightly better than the V6 is the fact that it is the slightly more affordable one.

However, Dyson is a generally high end brand. So, while the DC35 is more affordable, it is still pretty high end.

And for which cleaner gives better value for what it costs, we will go for the V6.

Comparison Table — Dyson V6 Vs DC35


Dyson V6

Dyson DC35

Run Time 20 minutes in regular mode 6 minutes in max mode 15 minutes in regular mode 6 minutes in max mode
Motor Technology V6 digital motor V2 digital motor
Dimensions 9.8 by 8.7 by 46.4 inches11.8 by 9.1 by 44.1 inches
Weight 5.1 pounds   4.8 pounds
Charging Time 3 hours and 30 minutes 3 hours and 30 minutes
Dustbin Capacity 0.4 liter 0.3 liter
HEPA Filtration Yes No
Suction In Max Mode 100 Airwatts 65 Airwatts
Cleaning Tools Direct drive cleaner head, soft roller cleaner head, mini motorized tool, combination tool, crevice tool and dusting brush tool. Direct drive cleaner head, combination tool and crevice tool.

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A Comparison Video — Dyson V6 Vs DC35

Which Is Better Under What Circumstance? — Dyson V6 Vs DC35

Dyson V6

Dyson DC35

The Dyson V6 will afford you more vacuum cleaner options vs the DC35. We are looking at 2 lines of vacuum cleaners and each line having a plethora of models. We would recommend the DC35, though, if you are on a budget. It is more affordable than the V6 and isn’t too far in the performance department.
Also, if you get the Absolute model in the stick line or the Mattress model in the handheld line, you get the HEPA filtration feature that filters the air of allergens. However, if you will go for this cleaner, be sure that you are OK with the 1 cleaner because it comes in only 1 model. This could be a good thing, though, seeing as you won’t be confused as to which model to pick.
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Common Features — Dyson V6 Vs DC35

1. Structure

The Dyson V6 and the Dyson DC35 have the same basic structure. First off, they both have the same basic head, body and cleaning tool structure.

In both cases, the head is composed of a handle, a dustbin, a couple of buttons and a connection point.

Furthermore, in both cases the arrangement and placement is exactly the same. However, there are differences with the placement of certain buttons.

One button that is in the same exact position is the power button. The power button is placed on the inside of the handle with both cleaners.

So, you’ll have to consistently hold down the power button in order to get and keep both cleaners running.

Because of this, there is hardly a chance that you’ll accidentally leave the cleaner on which means there is hardly a chance that the battery will go to waste.

The connection point is another thing that is practically the same with both cleaners.

It is basically a protruding tube that you attach the cleaning wand or the appropriate cleaning tool to.

Now, when you attach the wand or the tool to the connection point, you hear a click.

As for the other components in the head, while they are in the same position, they are not exactly the same. One prominent feature that falls into this category is the dustbin which we’ll be discussing in a later section.

2. 2-In-1

This is another thing that both these cleaners have in common. They can both serve as either a stick cleaner or a handheld cleaner.

Furthermore, making the switch is pretty easy. All you need to know is that the vacuum wand makes the difference.

If you want either cleaner to serve as a stick cleaner, you’ll need to attach the vacuum wand to the connection point on the head and then attach the cleaning tool to the vacuum wand.

If, however, what you are going for is a handheld cleaner, you’ll have to do away with the vacuum stick. Just attach the cleaning tool directly to the connection point and you’ll be fine.

We should point out that switching from one style of cleaner to another doesn’t, in anyway, affect the performance of either cleaner.

Whatever performance (battery, suction power and the like) that you get when the cleaner is a stick is the exact same you’ll get if you convert it to a handheld.

3. Storage

This is something we appreciate about a good number of Dyson vacuum cleaners and the V6 and DC35 are not left out of this. They both come with something Dyson calls a docking station.

The docking station is basically a wall mount with a number of pockets. There is the big pocket where you’ll hang the cleaner from. Then on either side of the big pocket are 2 smaller pockets for hanging cleaning tools.

It is advisable that you position the docking station close to an electrical outlet. This way, you can conveniently charge the cleaner while it is in storage.

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4. Cordless

Here is another thing we happen to like a lot. Both the V6 and the DC35 are cordless.

The reason they can achieve this is because they are both rechargeable cleaners. So, you charge the cleaner and you can use it for as long as the run time allows.

You can basically move it anywhere without having to bother about whether or not there is a wall socket. .

5. Cleaning Tools

Combination Tool

This tool is exactly what the name says it is; a combination of 2 different tools. You can use it for basically any kind of cleaning that is small scale. And yes, the 2 tools are a small nozzle and a small cleaning brush.

The combination tool can be used on furniture surfaces or even on walls. You can only use 1 tool at a time, though. And to do that, you just slide up the tool you need and be sure to slide it back down when you’re done.

The combination tool is not a motorized tool and it comes with the DC35 and all the models of the V6.

Crevice Tool

This one is kinda like what you have on the combination tool in that it is a nozzle, however, there are significant differences.

For one, the crevice tool is longer than the combination tool. Also, the mouth is more streamlined and this is so that it can better penetrate into corners and crevices.

The crevice tool is also not a motorized tool and it also comes with the DC35 and all the models of the V6.

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A Dyson V6 Demonstration Video — Dyson V6 Vs DC35

Unique Features — Dyson V6 vs DC35

1. Handheld Models

The first thing we’ll like to point out is that of the Dyson V6 vs DC35, only the V6 comes in a line of handheld cleaners.

Now these handheld cleaners are like their stick counterparts basically.

What we mean by this is that the handheld cleaners have some of the same basic features as their stick counterparts including dustbin volume, digital motor and even suction power.

However, the primary difference between the 2 lines is that the stick cleaners can function as that and also handheld cleaners.

However, the handheld cleaners cannot be anything but handheld cleaners. And, as a result, are usually more affordable.

Furthermore, the handheld cleaners usually come with a number of special tools you wouldn’t find on regular stick cleaners.

And these additional tools are usually in keeping with the idea behind the particular model.

For instance, if you were to go for a Dyson V6 Car + Boat model, as part of the cleaning tools, you would get an extension hose and even a car charger.

The extension hose is to help you have better reach into certain hard to reach places in your car.

And the car charger is there for you to be able to charge the cleaner on the go without needing to wait till you get home.

You should know, though, that none of the handheld models comes with a large motorized tool. However, you could get the small motorized tool with some of the models.

2. Power

We’ve already pointed that to get and keep the cleaner running, you’ll have to consistently hold down the power button. However, there is more to running the cleaner than that.

For one, the DC35 runs on the V2 digital motor which is good enough. However, there is an improvement with the V6 as it uses the V6 digital motor.

This allows the V6 75% more brush bar power than the DC35. And this means that the V6 stands a better chance of picking up ground in dirt than the DC35.

Furthermore, both cleaners operate in 2 suction modes; the regular mode and the max mode. Now, on the regular mode, one could say that both cleaners perform in about the same capacity.

However, switch both cleaners to the max mode and you immediately notice the difference.

The DC35 offers a suction power of 65 Airwatts which is decent enough. However, the V6 offers 100 Airwatts of suction in max mode which is a definite improvement.

That’s not all, the run time each cleaner offers is also different. Remember we told you that both cleaners operate in 2 modes; the regular and the max.

Now, you should know that using the cleaner in max mode reduces the amount of run time you have.

Both cleaners offer you 6 minutes tops in max mode. However, while the DC35 offers you 15 minutes in regular mode, the V6 offers you 20 minutes.

One more thing on this subject is the charging time each cleaner requires and this is something they have in common. Both cleaners need to charge for 3 hours and 30 minutes.

3. Dustbin

Remember we mentioned we would talk about the dustbin? Well here we are! There are a number of things different between the bins of each cleaner.

First things first, let’s talk about the carrying capacity. With the Dyson V6, you get a bin with a 0.4 liter carrying capacity. This might be small enough to necessitate frequent disposal of the content of the bin.

However, if you think 0.4 liter is small, wait till you see this. The DC35 comes with a 0.3 liter bin and this will definitely necessitate frequent disposal of bin content.

However, the carrying capacity is not the only difference between the bins. There’s one important difference and that is the HEPA filtration. What is this?

The HEPA filtration is that feature that makes the cleaner sieve out the air and capture allergens.

Then it traps those allergens in the bin so that what is left is really fresh. This makes for a nice feature especially for people with allergies or asthma.

However, this feature does not come with the DC35 at all. It does come with the V6 but only the V6 Absolute model for the stick line and the V6 Mattress model for the handheld line.

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4. Cleaning Tools

Floor Cleaning Tool

This is a tool that could be considered the primary cleaning tool, especially if you are using the cleaner as a stick cleaner.

Now, the Dyson V6 comes with 2 floor cleaning tools, at least the V6 Absolute model does.

One is the direct drive cleaner head and this is the one that all the V6 stick cleaners come with.

The direct drive cleaner head has stiff brush rolls that make it an ideal tool for carpets.

These stiff brush rolls are able to properly dig into the carpet and dislodge ground in dirt. We should point out to you, though, that this tool isn’t very good and picking up large debris.

The other tool is the soft roller cleaner head that only comes with the V6 Absolute.

This tool is best for hardwood and bare floors. The soft roller glides along smoothly and is also able to pick up the large debris.

This is kinda Dyson’s compensation for the downsides of the direct drive cleaner head.

On the other hand, the DC35 comes with only 1 cleaning tool. However, this tool is a combination of the 2 cleaning tools that the V6 comes with.

Nonetheless, you’ll need to bear in mind that the V6 offers you more brush bar power than the DC35.

Mini Motorized Tool

This tool does not come with the DC35 and it also does not come with some of the V6 models. However, what exactly does it do?

The mini motorized tool is usually used on upholstery and furniture. It is also generally used for getting rid of hair; pet hair, human hair and even knitting yarn.

Dusting Brush Tool

The dusting brush tool is a larger brush than what you have on the combination tool. Also, the brush has softer bristles.

Now, the dusting brush is meant for dusting and because the bristles are soft, people usually use it to dust some sensitive surfaces like screens, keyboards and even window panes.

The soft bristles shouldn’t ruin your sensitive surfaces by leaving brush marks.

This tool does not come with the DC35 and also does not come with some of the V6 models; handheld and stick.

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A Dyson DC35 Demonstration Video — Dyson V6 Vs DC35

Unique Pros — Dyson V6 Vs DC35

Pros Of The Dyson V6

  • The Dyson V6 is a really versatile cleaner especially vs the Dyson DC35. First off, the V6 comes in 2 lines of cleaners and then those 2 lines come in a plethora of different models.
  • Furthermore, the Dyson V6 comes with more tools vs the Dyson DC35. And there is enough disparity that they are all significant.
  • Of course we have to mention that the V6 offers more power vs the Dyson DC35. For one, it has 75% more brush bar power than the DC35. And then it offers 100 Airwatts of suction in max mode vs the DC35’s 65 Airwatts.
  • One other important pro is the HEPA filtration. Who doesn’t like a cleaner that filters the air as one does one’s cleaning?

Pros Of The Dyson DC35

  • The Dyson DC35 is a more affordable cleaner vs the V6. So, one can save a few bucks by going for this one.
  • The 2-in-1 brush roll thing also has its benefits, because think of it. If you are moving from one room to another and the new room has a different kind of floor, you don’t need to change the cleaner head.
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Unique Cons — Dyson V6 Vs DC35

Cons Of The Dyson V6

  • The Dyson V6 is slightly pricier than the DC35.

Cons Of The Dyson DC35

  • With the DC35, you neither get as much brush bar power nor as much max suction power as the V6.
  • Also, you do not get as many variations and options with the DC35 as you get with the V6.

Common Pros — Dyson V6 Vs DC35


Dyson V6

Dyson DC35

Flexible The Dyson V6 comes in a line of stick cleaners that are flexible. They can either serve as stick cleaners or as handheld cleaners. Not only that, the Dyson V6 is designed in such a way that it can conveniently reach beneath low furniture and equally conveniently reach high up. Same as the Dyson V6. However, the DC35 comes in only 1 line of cleaners.
Convenient Storage Furthermore, the V6 comes with a docking station that allows you store the cleaner up on the wall and free up floor space. The docking station also allows you conveniently charge your cleaner. Same as the Dyson V6.
Cordless The Dyson V6 is a rechargeable cleaner and so does not come with a cord. Hence, you need not bother about where to plug the cleaner or about the cord getting tangled up. Same as the Dyson V6.
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Common Cons — Dyson V6 Vs DC35


Dyson V6

Dyson DC35

Dustbin Capacity The Dyson V6 comes with 0.4 liter bin. Unless you are just doing a quick clean up, 0.4 liters might not be enough to get the cleaning done. You’ll have to empty the bin frequently. Same as the Dyson V6. However, at 0.3 liter, the DC35 offers even less dustbin capacity.
Power Button On the Dyson V6, the power button has to be consistently held down to get and keep the cleaner running. Now, while we acknowledge the battery conserving advantage this offers, it could get tiring if one has to hold down that button for minutes. Especially if one has fragile fingers or arthritis. Same as the Dyson V6.
Run Time & Charge Time 20 minutes might not be enough time to get all the cleaning done. And then you have to factor in the fact that you need to charge the cleaner for 3 hours and 30 minutes. Same as the Dyson V6. However, the DC35 offers even less time at 15 minutes.

What People Think About Both — Dyson V6 Vs DC35

Dyson V6

Dyson DC35

The Dyson V6 gets good reports majorly for being lightweight, having a powerful enough suction and being flexible enough to go below low furniture without having to lift anything. The Dyson DC35 also gets mixed reactions. People like it because it is lightweight and does a decent job on hardwood floors and maybe even bare floors.
However, the run time that the cleaner affords, along with the small dustbin capacity, seems to be a common complaint. However, there are complaints about the run time and even about the fact that it doesn’t come with so many cleaning tools.
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Dyson V6 Vs DC35 – Our Opinion

Dyson V6

Dyson DC35

We like that the Dyson V6 is a portable cleaner that offers decent brush bar power. We especially like the diversity that the V6 offers because it means you can find a V6 cleaner that fits your specs. We think the Dyson DC35 has its own good points too. And those good points, for us, include the fact that the cleaner is lightweight and flexible enough to fit beneath furniture and even in tight spaces.
While we aren’t particularly excited about the small dustbin or even the direct drive cleaner head, we think the Dyson V6 is something you could try. Click this to get the Dyson V6 now. We also acknowledge that there are some not so good things about this cleaner, one of them including the suction power in max mode. However, remember that this cleaner is the more affordable option and you can click this to get the Dyson DC35 now.
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2 thoughts on “Dyson V6 Vs DC35 – Which Is The Better Option?

  1. Good review thank you. We are upgrading our DC35. I am considering the v6. Are the tool attachments and most importantly the docking station the same? Will the new v6 fit and charge in the old dc35 docking station?

    1. Thanks for the feedback.

      The charger for the DC35 would not charge the V6. And the chief reason for this is that they have different digital motors; that of the DC35 is a v2 motor while that of the V6 is a v6 motor.

      About the accessories, you should be able to use the DC35 accessories on the V6 and vice versa, seeing as they both use the same kind of wand.

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