How Long Does It Take To Clean A House?

How long does it take to clean a house? Well, there is definitely no one answer to this question. And this is because there are many things to consider in determining how long it will take to clean.

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So, to answer this question, we’ll break down these conditions and see what we have. Let’s go!

How Big Is The House?

To determine how long it will take to clean a house, it is important to take the size of the house into consideration. The size includes the actual square space and how many rooms are in the house. 

Some houses will have a lot of small rooms while some will have few large rooms.

Now, while a large house will obviously take longer to clean than a small house, more rooms might actually equal more cleaning time, especially if the rooms are weirdly spaced.

That said, if you are dealing with just one open space/room, you could clean up the place in between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

A two room house could be cleaned in about an hour and thirty minutes and you could just continue to add 45 minutes or one hour for every extra room. 

However, there is more to the amount of time it takes to clean than the size of the house or the number of rooms. 

How Many People Are Cleaning?

This makes sense, doesn’t it? The more people are cleaning, the faster the cleaning process will be. So, if it is just you doing the cleaning, the time frame we gave previously could work.

However, if you are working with one other person, you might be able to do it in half the time.

We must say, though, that how much time you are able to shave off will depend on how fast you both (or you all are).

And of course, it would also depend on whether you both (or you all) stick to the cleaning process and do not go off doing something else. 

That said, if you’ll be hiring a cleaning company, they could actually clean your house in half the time it would take you (even with help from someone else) to clean.

For cleaning companies, it is not only the number of people that works for them, the professionalism does to. 

This is because they have learnt to maximize the amount of time you allow them in your home to do a lot of work. You and your team could learn this with practice, though.

There’s more to how long it takes to clean yet.

When Last Was The House Cleaned?

Very important to find out. Because if the house has not been cleaned in a while, you could double the time we already mentioned.

However, if you are just kinda doing a touch up cleaning, then the time frame predictions we already made could actually be it for you.

What Kind Of Cleaning Are You Going For?

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This is kinda related to the last time the house was cleaned.

You have to figure out whether you are going for a spring cleaning where you’ll be moving furniture and deep cleaning carpets, or whether you’re just doing a regular cleaning.

If you are just going for a regular cleaning, you could do it in the time frame we already predicted.

However, if you’ll be moving furniture around, rearranging stuff and doing a deep cleaning, it could honestly take hours.

To Employ A Cleaning Company Or Not To

This is entirely up to you, especially after considering all the factors that we have already mentioned. However,we’ll mention a few things.

First off, we consider it more budget friendly to do your own cleaning if you have a small house.

A cleaning company will definitely do the cleaning faster, but it doesn’t take so long to clean a small house in the first place, so….

However, if you’ll be going for a deep cleaning, hiring a cleaning agency could be a good thing, irrespective of the size of your house.

Now, if you’ll be hiring a cleaning agency to do your deep cleaning, consider doing your regular cleaning yourself. 

The less messy your house is, the easier it would be for the cleaning company to clean and the less they might charge you.

Finally, if you have had a particularly bad infestation in your home, a cleaning service is the better option because they are better equipped to make eliminate the danger.

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