How To Clean Up Blood

While blood spills might not be the most common stains, finding out how to clean up blood spills is an important skill to have. And this is majorly because blood stains aren’t the easiest things to get out.

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But do not panic! That they aren’t the easiest doesn’t mean that they are impossible to get out. In fact, the key to cleaning up blood stains completely is to get to them as soon as possible.

Blood congeals and if left on a surface for too long, especially absorbent materials, it can congeal around said material making it terribly difficult to get out the blood.

Now, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s get to cleaning!

How To Clean Up Blood From Non-Absorbent Surfaces

Whether it is water or pee or blood, getting spills out of non absorbent surfaces could actually be a breeze. 

However, getting to them early is still necessary because there have definitely been occasions where water and blood left marks on wood and other surfaces.

That said, the first thing to do when you want to clean up blood is to protect yourself. And by that we mean your body and your clothes too.

Next try to contain the blood as much as possible. Because liquid cannot get into the surface, it spreads out really fast. 

So, immediately you notice the spill, contain it around the edges with paper towels. You also want to make sure that nobody comes around that area as you clean.

Actually cleaning up the blood should be done with any absorbent cloth or fabric material. A disposable material is a better idea so that you immediately dispose it off.

You’ll have to be careful with your disposal, though. Place all the disposable absorbent materials you’ve used in an airtight bag and throw the bag in the trash.

On the other hand, if you use something you’ll have to reuse like a mop, you’ll have to rinse it out in a mixture of water and a little bit of bleach.

After doing your cleanup, you’ll need to disinfect the place. The ‘water and a little bit of bleach mixture’ should be alright for this.

Get a cloth or your mop damp in this mixture and use it to clean the spot where blood spilled.

That said, with chemicals like bleach, it is important to be sure that it won’t damage your surface. 

So, you could test things by cleaning a part of the surface that isn’t very visible to the general public. 

How To Clean Up Blood From Absorbent Surfaces

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Non-Movable Surfaces

Now, we know that most absorbent surfaces are moveable to a certain extent.

So, by ‘non-moveable’, we basically mean that the surface you’re dealing with cannot be easily moved. This usually includes some furniture and carpets too.

That said, with absorbent surfaces, you need to be more concerned about the blood soaking into the material than the blood spreading. However, the latter is still something to do something about.

So for the latter, you could prevent the blood from spreading by blocking it at the edges of the spill with an absorbent piece of cloth.

Next, with blood, you do not want to introduce soap immediately.

So, first off, try to get out the spills by dabbing the spot with a damp rag (have your bucket of clean water handy so you can continuously rinse out the rag) or paper towels.

However, be careful not to press into the surface in order not to force the blood in deeper.

Make sure that you are wearing gloves, though. After you’ve got the initial spills out, use a wet vacuum to deep clean the spot and that should get out the blood if it is past the surface.

Now, getting out the blood isn’t all that needs to be done. You’ll also need to disinfect the spot and get rid of the smell too. Hopefully, you’ll be able to do this without professional help.

Before you put any cleaning product on your couch, carpet or any such surface, check with the manufacturers’ recommendations for what is safe and what is not.

Spray the stained area with whatever disinfectant the manufacturer says is OK and leave it in for about 10 minutes. This should allow it to get out all the blood pathogens and cancel out the smell.

After that, rinse out the spot with a clean rag dampened with only clean water. Then make sure that that spot gets enough air to dry and nobody and nothing goes on it till it is completely dry.

Don’t forget to properly dispose all the disposable materials you used and completely rinse out the non-disposables you use with a water and bleach mixture.

Moveable Surfaces

These could be anything from place mats to clothes. If you are working with a place mat or area rug, you could remove the blood the same way as you remove blood from the non-moveables.

As for your clothes, soak them in some water first off. Putting soap or bleach or anything like that immediately will make the blood bond with the fabric, making it more difficult to get it out.

After soaking it in warm water, you might notice that you’ve got almost all of the blood out. Go ahead and wash your clothes like you normally would and introduce a bit of mild disinfectant. And that should do it.

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